Anyone seen ''LEAN skateboards''? (non electric - but ''carvy'' turning'')

Hi there, I just stumbled upon this video today:

It looks like there is not a thread about them yet :slight_smile:

I know there were already these ‘‘Dynamic Labs’’ boards with their crazy steering mechanism,

But If I have to be honest, the way Lean boards turn looks way more elegant and it also looks like they have come up with a way to do this without too many components / parts!

Im not sure whenever it would be possible to attach a belt motor to such setup but perhaps a hub motor would be possible…

Anyways, really nice seeing such turning mechanism, that the wheel gets an angle when turning…


@Okami I keep looking at those trucks trying to find a spot for a motor mount :slight_smile: Assuming the crossbars increase and decrease spacing during a turn, I don’t think a typical motor mount will cut it. The turning mechanics seem to necessitate a wheel that is rounded on both sides. I like the possibility of being carvy but still stable at speed.

@treenutter Well, I only imagine to mount the gear on the outside of the wheel… It will look awful probably and will give a headache to mount the motor anyways…

Plus it probably wont be reliable but that was just the first idea which came to mind… when I remembered seeing that one ‘‘drill powered longboard’’ where the guy had some sort of extension outside of the wheel and then a long shaft till the dril he was holding in his hand…

If it was possible to mount the hubmotors somehow and also make them not to touch the ground due to tilting, then this might work somehow, maybe.

They also got some crazy looking deck shape for the carving purposes, probably:

More images btw -

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I can only imagine something like this:

And it would probably require longer shafts and some smart machining.

Actually one more option -

Wheel/motor mounted under the deck… similar like LEIF boards have:

Drill powered


I don’t think a typical motor mount will cut it.

hub motors?

I love those wheels! No idea if the trucks actually feel good. Can someone take one for the team and buy one? My concern - this might sound dumb - is it looks draggy having basically huge walls of trucks. Maybe for cruising you won’t notice.

Looks nice and maybe wouldnt have wheelbite since the trucks don’t seem to twist when turning. Like that board with the fins, would be a nice rain board.

Do you think wheelbite is because of twisting action - movement? I dont think so :slight_smile: I think it is because the wheel is just right under the deck and the deck just moves to one side - closer to ground at the same time :slight_smile:

PS = which board do you mean with the fins? Can I see it?


The post u did with the batwings halfway through the thread looks like it could be a drop deck, low, ad still cover the wheels for rain splash It seems the hanger doesnt pivot on the pin so the wheels would stay in a wheel well spot and not twist to hit the front or more likely the back of the wheel well in a sharp turn.

Hubmotors! Somebody just needs to make an adapter.

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Do it! That will be the next gen eboard! I dont think that trucks we use now will still be in the future… the turning angle in some cases… is way too bad :slight_smile:

Hello All, This Enzo from Pramash Lean boards. Interesting trade …lol… :smile: Let me know if you guys need any info or help from me… but it depends, what you ask… We are in Los Angles. email at [email protected] for the quick response, And thanks @Okami for starting this trade.

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Enzo, I’ve been searching your website, seems you got new wheels (blue ones), but what happened with the rest off the line soft greens for cruising, intermediate blacks and hard reds for downhill? Are you still offering them? How do I order them?

@LeanBoard your kickstarter updates are getting fewer and fewer and your backers are wondering when/if they are ever going to get the product they paid for. Why you wasting time looking at e-sk8 forums? :wink:

If you ever do get around to building and shipping some, I’d love to buy some too

Currently, none of us has time to develop E-board and that is why I offer the help to who ever whats to develop it. We are scheduled to start shipping to Kickstarter backers in the month of August 2017. We are also taking new orders on out website and they schedule to be delivered in September 2017. Please visit our website