Anyone selling a 2.4 ghz nano thumb remote?


Hello, figured I would ask here. Looking for a nano thumb remote like the ones above. One of them is busted, the trigger gets stuck, which caused me to accelerate and fall down…

I see then sometime listed for cheaper, and I really dont want to dish out $60 from DIYElectricSkateboards.

And it should automatically connect to my board since they have the same receiver cuz I’m not looking to open it up and bind it as one of these works for both of my boards.


Get one of rhese and no worries. If you look in other places, you could find it way cheaper. In sure someone has one to part with on here. products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller

Quick search on eBay.

I’ll sell you one, I bought it from torqueboards. It has a few dings but it works fine. $35 shipped?

Nope your wrong, haha once paired to one remote and you want to use another remote youll have to repair to that other remote, theres no way around it lol.

Moral of the story, you’ll have to open up your board no matter what :smiling_imp:

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I laughed a little too much @ that


I’m sorry to say it but you’re wrong. As long as he buys the same remote There will be no need for him to open up his board! Receivers are pretty much universal and will pair up with any remote witch signal is within range

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Well actually one of my remotes works for both boards and I never connected it to the other

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@FranciscoV sorry but your wrong hehe :sweat_smile: these remotes are designed to not intercept each other 2.4ghz signal by accident imagine, this I have the same remote and receiver as my friend and i hyjack his signal because im closer to him lol (and i throttle and in reality his board throttles up)

winning built a failsafe aganist this

i have two of the same remotes lol and they dont work with each others recivers lol. IMG_20190116_213712

I’ll probably get it from here actually

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Take it from me! The guy who have had a shit load of these bad boys. I was using 1 for all my boards :joy: image


ive never got it to work lol but i wish i did. ive actually brought a wrong remote to school before for one of my demonstrations and it was embarrassing as fuck

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Hells yeah! You won’t find it cheaper than that! Plus $10 for shipping of course :crazy_face:

Those all working?

its not possible for the mini remote though, those use another type of 2.4ghz reciver

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Really!? Wonder why! That’s the reason many people have gotten hurt due to their board pairing to someone else’s remotes at the beginning of the ride That’s why is always a good idea to double check

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Ah. Mini is a whole other story. Not possible as far as I’m concerned

only solution to this is BLUETOOTH

Most of them are gone. But yes. They all did work lol

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