Anyone selling decent spec eboards in UK?

Hi as well as thinking about building my own board I am also thinking of buying one due to stock shortage on various parts. So was wondering if anyone has a decent one for sale? I want at least 20mph and 10 mile range more if possible as well as decent hill climb ability.


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I have one in the US. 25-28 mph top.

20 mile range

How much do you want? And would you ship to UK?

I would if you paid for it but I don’t think the battery would make it over there. Ill give out more info once I get home

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How much would shipping be to the UK

Build one I’m in uk and have prity much finished building mine and it’s not hard. All depends on what electronics you want. Vesc are harder to setup but car esc are dead easy.

Where in the uk are you.

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I know its a long shot but still selling the board by chance?

That one is sold but I have another hub motor board-brand new for sale.