Anyone selling metal motor covers for Boosted V2 Dual+

Anyone selling metal motor covers for boosted v2 dual+. I modified mine and would like the stock covers should I need to send in my board.

3D printed ones will work just as good, at 10% of the price

But probably won’t fly at boosted for covering my warranty

Didnt quite understand that…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It means that boosted won’t like it

So? I dont think they liked that he modified the existing one either…

he’s trying to hide the fact that he nodded the original one, hence the reason he wants an exact replica :wink:

I don’t get it either, I thought you didn’t understand the phrase :wink:

Yeah. I want an extra set so I can swap them out if I need to send my board to boosted.

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Maybe a broken board for sale?

You can always design your own who looks pretty much identical if you really want to spend money on it. Or just find up a story about how they broke :wink:

Honestly, your fine with the modified ones.

Boosted doesn’t care much about that, together with wheel mods.

I send pictures in of my V1 with modded pulley and Kegel 80s, they didnt say anything other then they were willing to fix it up for the price of the shipping back and forth.

That’s good to know. Appreciate it!

What did you use to put kegels on your v1?

Just some 3dprinted wheel pulleys and the wheels themself.

Can you show me where you got the stl to print?

No idea where it is, 2 years since i did it.

But if im not wrong its just the same one used as the V2 speedmod or a normal v2 pulley will work.

No, the new boosted boards use a GT5 bely profile but the v1 has a gt3 profile.