Anyone tried/is interested in these:

That’s a Mellowboard ripoff so: NOPE.

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Looks like the chinese “interpretation” of the mellow-board. If the quality is right and the price makes up for the lack of warranty, I may try it out.

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It sais 20 unit minimum. There would have to be a group buy or something.

I would be hesitant to buy anything that is shown as all renders, no actual photo.

I contacted them and they sent me some videos. Here is a short one.


This is the quote they sent. I’m inclined towards the dual setup with the samsung batteries. For not much else you get a great setup, assuming they deliver.

@Lizardking0069 I like that this kit could get someone started for such a low price. I’m sure the quality is very low all around, but if a kid just wants to try out an electric build and only has $300, this might not be too bad. I wouldn’t rely on this for commuting, it would be toy quality and the expectation should be that it will last one year doing gentle laps around the neighborhood for fun.

This is at least a little more DIY than buying a cheap complete; a tiny bit of assembly required.

What I don’t like is that for such a low price, there are bound to be cut corners that impact the safety of the build; that could mean a bad fall when some cheap part fails.

I’d always rather see people try DIY, but not everyone is going to. Maybe kits like this are somewhere in between?