Anyone use SSS 56xxx Inrunners on their build?

I’ve heard talk about these motors being used in Esk8, especially e-foils, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single build with one of them. Does anyone have a build with these motors they could show pics of and give a review of how well they work?

Problem with inrunners is going to be their high KV. Typically they have a low number of poles, so it’s not a VESC limitation, more so that you need to gear them down a lot (potentially 2 stage reduction).

APS have a 100KV 56114 Inrunner, but note it’s well down on rated power (and you have to feed it 100v to get that rated power) compared to the higher KV SSS motors. When you put it up against outrunners of similar size/cost it just doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Honestly IMO if you were going for inrunners I’d opt for a higher KV and ‘deal’ with the gearing requirement.

Not a lot of sensored inrunners out there either, may or may not be an issue for you.

They do make a lot of sense for efoils; not having the outer can spin makes things a lot easier to cool underwater. esk8 I’m not so sure, but their high power density/efficiency certainly makes them attractive.

@MoeStooge uses SSS motors for his WR build

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Well with the new ESC’s coming out that can do 18s I thought maybe that lower kv one might be usable…