Anyone used the Bustin hybrid motor on different deck?

I got one of the Bustin hybrid dualomo about 5 yrs ago or so and I really love it but hate how high it is from the ground. It’s also crazy heavy which makes things like getting in the air almost impossible. Anyways, I just signed up for this forum/website in the hopes of learning more about doing some DIY to make the board closer to what I ride on a regular basis in the skate park. Does anyone here have any recent experience with the new Bustin boards? They just released a smaller version of my board called the “Magneto” ( Magneto Hybrid Cruiser – Bustin Boards Co. ) and from the specs they have on their website it looks no different than my board except it’s shorter by 2 inches. Everything looks the same except this one doesn’t go as fast or as far I’m just trying to understand why!

It looks like most of you guys are all doing non-kick tail Longboard stuff which just isn’t my jam. I am a Burnside local and just love cruising the streets of Portland and finding fun spots but this thing is more for carving, not for tricks.

So,…it Looks like some of you spend a shit load of time here so I figured I’d get a couple of replies. Any Bustin riders here? Leave me a reply. Thanks in advance! Berto