Anyone Want One? 1.5"x6"x20" 12s5p ABS Vacuum Formed Enclosures Coming Soon!

I just found out I have access to a high quality vacuum forming table at my university that I can use any time I want!

I am currently making 3 1.5"x6"x20" buck molds. This should be the perfect size for a 12s5p double stack battery and 2 FOCBoxes with some extra space for a switch and LED light controller. I am mounting these bucks to an old Landyatchz 38 Switchblade, Bustin Robot and a piece of flat plywood.

The Bustin Robot has a slight concave and should produce enclosures that should conform to most concave decks. The flat plywood should fit almost any flat deck, but the Landyatchz enclosures will likely only fit the 38 Switchblade, which is my personal favorite eskate deck.

I will be picking up some black ABS next week and hopefully start making enclosures the weekend after!

I am trying to decide how much ABS to buy so I wanted to see how many people may be interested in purchasing an enclosure and what deck they would want it molded on.

Please let me know! Thanks!

Edit: I am thinking of selling them for ~$60 each plus shipping. Shipping will probably be about $10 anywhere in the US and I can calculate it for international customers.




How thick can of a sheet of abs can you form? 1/8? Greater?

To be honest, I haven’t done this before so I do not know. I just know @psychotiller uses 1/8th inch so that is what I was going to use. If you would be willing to commit to buying an enclosure I could buy a sheet of 3/16 and try it out!

The only place I can buy here sells only 4’x8’ pieces that are about $50 each.

I’m looking for this size enclosure for a switchblade 40”. When will you have a mock up done? Keeping tabs

Nvm, this is real old, haha

@bigben could probably sort you out

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Yep. I’ve asked Ben about it and he has a lot on his plate at the moment. Maybe in due time and if enough interest is present.

I could make one, but to make it perfectly conform I would need a 40 Switchblade deck that I could use to match the curvature and foot pockets.

How’d yours turn out?

IMG_6665 IMG_6646 IMG_6662 IMG_6666 IMG_6643

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IMG_2946 IMG_2951 IMG_2953 IMG_2948 IMG_2939


This was for my 38 Switchblade.

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Looks good! not bad at all for your first time with the machine.