Anyone who has an extra enertion battery enclousure for sale?

Going to start buildning an electric longboard and i need one of these badboys, enertion dont sell them anymore. DM me if you have one :slight_smile:

I can build the battery the enclosure no

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Already got the batteries, need a clean enclosure. Would you dm me a picture of these enclosures that you make?

He said he doesn’t produce them. @fottaz should have what you need :slight_smile:


@Eboosted makes solid enclosures.

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You might want to use this one:

Thanks @jebe


I have an enertion battery enclosure, I can sell you it. It was never ridden. but has a little glue residue on the inside from holding their pack in there.

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This seems great! Checking my options, might buy that one!


Some people sell cool 3-d printed enclosures similiar to then. Also i think alien power systems sells some cf decks and enclosure