Anyone with MadMunkey Or Badwolf Files?

I need something that’s easier to work with than stls. want to make a gt2b oled and wireless charging mod but do not want to remodel the entire thing. so yea. @FLATLINEcustoms ignored my message, so i’m assuming that means no (understandable).

Maybe he hasn’t seen it or had time to respond.

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that’s the best case scenario. i kinda understand why he wouldn’t want to share them.

How about the Sparkle Remote? It’s on Thingiverse and I’ve just modified it with OLED and stuff. You could ask @okp for the original files.


will do :slight_smile:

i think i’ll mod the outside shape a bit, I really just need to keep the place where all the electronics and pots sit

Am I missing something here?



You can import to sketchup as a stl and it’ll convert everything to triangles. Currently making a few tweaks for some also.

what are my options for exporting formats?

You start as a .Stl and export as any of these

Or even as another stl

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If you going with sketchup solution, I suggest you to re-size(make it bigger) it *1000 and shrink it after modeling is done.

Yeah it is rough because you gotta zoom a-lot. I have had my mouse for ~2 years now and may break the scroller wheel :slight_smile:

Not sure if the x1000 scale factor will affect quality, just be careful

True. But also sketchup has problems importing small stl’s. By making them bigger the geometry seems to work better

can I see s pic of what the model looks like in sketchup? I used sketchup back in 2011 for a 4th grade focus study but haven’t touched it since then

Don’t worry about the linework, those are the triangles.

@L3chef, your correct though, since when i zoom in around a complicated region like the curves i’ll see a few spots that aren’t completed. Easy fix just draw a line and it’ll fill in but its tedious.

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oh sweet. i’m gonna download sketchup now. I can deal with a bit of mesh, but god damn, the amount of mesh in inventor makes it hard to tell what your looking at…

Good thing about sketchup is the move tool, so you can move curves points around.

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There’ an plugin that can be very helpful aswell. It fixes the model. But I cant remember it’s fucking name. Check the top plugin list or something like that. Haven’t used s.u in ~ 4-5 years so my memory is failing a bit.

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When I was in 4th grade. We learned how to turn on and off a computer. Also how CAPS lock worked. Shift key was a big nono if you wanted capital letter if my computer teacher was around… How to print out a paper was named under “advanced computer lessons” :smile:

we had to create an accurately dimensioned model of our living rooms :sweat_smile: