Anything better than Ronin?

LOL. Maguns were like 700$ CAD i remember. Stupidly expensive. A true relic of the emerging downhill longboarding scene.


I actually dremeled a set of cast ronins (you can still find them lightly used in 180mm) to fit caliber mounts.

These work great! Sleeved washers, brand new bushings and support pins/cups.

Absolutely incredible to be flying around on good trucks, good thane (abec 11) and 12s FOC.

If you dont have to fit wheel pulley bearings (instead using bolt on pulleys) then your choice of truck is anything really!

Im SUPER SURPRISED i havent seen anyone use real precision trucks (aera, ronin, any fancy stuff) in their builds yet… we spend ridiculous money on our boards only to use cast trucks that bend like bananas with 100mm wheels… SRSLY?


Silverfish. So sad it’s gone. I’d check up every couple years to read back. All my posts about Confederate trucks… renderings, etc were on there and I never backed it up. Only pic I could find of them is this… all that remains: 20180821_161346

Imo, they were something special. Wide, dual kingpin (if you shaved some bushings), but they had a bushing seats in in line with the axle for extreme grip, positive rake, little space between bushing seats for nimble turning… And a second zero rake bushing seat in the standard RKP spot with extra space between bushings to improve stability by decreasing leverage on the bushings/increasing travel on bushings while turning.

Looking back after the prototypes, this is opposite of what we intended… I’d have gone positive rake, narrow space for the traditional bushing seats… And more space between bushing seats for the seats in line with the kingpin.

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I have an old set of 180mm cronins on my downhill board that are still straight. I’m debating using them for my first build. However, I would rather not dremel them, so I’ve been eyeing @marcmt88 ronin motor mounts. The downside of these mounts is the clearance with smaller wheels, but I plan on running 97mm so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I agree, I think a nice set of precisions with e-toxx cnc mounts would be badass.

“If you dont have to fit wheel pulley bearings (instead using bolt on pulleys) then your choice of truck is anything really!”

I don’t really understand this, I’m a bit of a noob. Is there a thread explaining this?

I use longhairedboy enertion style pulleys. They have a bearing in them to help them spin true and offload some torsional forces. They require extra space on the axel so im forced to use trucks that are cast so i can chop some hanger aluminum off to expose more axle (or use TB 218mm trucks).

Precision trucks dont have this option… i mean unless you get the ronin prolite spaceable axels.

What i meant by having any choice is that you can basically file the truck hanger to fit a motor mount clamp or have marcmt88 make you a motor mount he does like any truck if youre willing to send them to him.

The new cncd gear drive systems just havent been created for anything but trampa based mountainboards.

I feel the real downhill longboarding market in esk8 is limited to cast trucks really. Not enough people are skilled to ride street fast enough to make much of a difference. (30mph+)

The perfect monsterous esk8 street setup is still nonexistent. For now…

I was scrolling through the picture thread and noticed that @Idea has e-toxx gear drive on his rkp trucks. I also saw that @whitepony had some custom e-toxx belt drive motor mounts for his cronins. E2F47D55-35AB-4F2A-9823-93E28AD36C6C627f8371fe1740fb2389268cdc9eae9018dda91d_1_690x486 maxresdefault

So the bearing pulleys are preferred, that’s good to know. Unfortunately it means that I’m going to have to cut up my trucks. Does @wolffoxx setup use bolt on or bearing pulleys? I can’t tell. 360920d5961f34648ea17c1dfad2f8fc7b5efedd_1_666x500 How about the Trampa motor mounts? These are bolt on correct? 25678

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I’ve never used ronins with eskating but non-powered I can honestly say I like my Surfrodz w/ double cones and 90mm axles haha

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I loved my Cronins amazing stability at high speeds and crazy turning radio, however they have a couple of characteristics I don’t like, the hanger is too short to hold dual 15mm belt/pullies and 6355 motors, you can only use two threads to hold the wheel in place, the second issue is after a short time the queen pin will start to rattle and will need constant maintenance.

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I was scrolling through the picture thread and noticed that @Idea has e-toxx gear drive on his rkp trucks.


@Idea has no e-toxx gear drive… thats his own drive! He designed those.


My pulleys do not have center bearings.

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I’m surprised no one mentioned Liquid Fyre Trucks! I just learned about these and I’m curious how they compare to Ronin.

Actually i think going narrow is not that bad for hubmotors, now the question, can be attached the hub to the shaft directly? Or needs to be inside the the square boss on the aluminium part of the truck? Ronin-Slide-1_Billets-2015__01

Hubs would be cool, are you thinking @Hummie hubs? I’m only hesitant about hubs because I’m not sure they have enough torque for SF hills. But then again I think Hummie lives in SF so maybe they do.

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Actually thinking to use the Raptor2 hubs with Cronin’s katana 125mm that are in presale now in Ronin website. Because price and the 8mm axle of the hub and in the truck. Hummie are 12mm.

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That would be an awesome setup! Can you buy Enertion hub motors separately or do you already have a raptor 2?

I have a Raptor2 and not in love with the trucks for carving.


Been thinking about trying the dremel approach on my cronins as well. Did you take any pics during? Can you send me any pics to show the alignment? Also, how much room between the motors and support pin (queen pin) do you have?