Anything better than Ronin?

I’m a big fan of Ronins queen pin design for stability and quick handling. Is there anything else out there with equal or better stability and handling characteristics?

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No one complains about surf rodz precision and handling.

Do any you guys ride both and can give a comparison?

The only issue with Ronin for e-skate is they don’t come in wide enough to do dual symmetric setups with large motors.


Only complaint I’m yet to hear about surfrodz is pricing. That being said I just bought RKP trucks and I’m already trying to order a set of TKP trucks for another board.


I’m sure Surf Rodz have extremely precise handling. I just don’t see how they can possibly be as stable without the queen pin tech. If I stick with my Cronins I would do a yin yang motor mount setup with dual rear 6374.

Have you guys heard of Kahalani trucks? Reasonably priced 204mm hanger precision trucks, they used to be quite popular. Also a perfect shape for motor mounts.




They look as simple as my DIY trucks :grinning:

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…but nothing compares to which are perhaps the bests trucks on planet Earth: G.O.G. Trucks (Gang of Germany), a German manufacturer maker of precision slalom and downhill skateboard trucks. In particular, models BB2 (Big Brother Two) and BB3 (Big Brother Three).









Hanger Width: 200mm / 180mm (thus reference 200/0/3.5 which means 200mm long hanger, 0mm offset, 3.5 rake)

Axles: 8mm or 10mm removable axles (glued in)

Bushings: most standard barrel shaped bushings fit - Eliminators, Stimulators and Jim-Z shape fit

Hanger type:

  • axle in-line with kingpin for maximum traction and controlled drifting, flippable
  • anti torsional light weight construction
  • 3.5mm rake

Flippable hanger: You’ll get 2 trucks in 1!

Truck height: 43mm (unflipped)


  • Adjustable from 30°-60°, no steps
  • choose from 3 different wheelbases - cause the truck you’ve had before might have a different offset.

Price: € 460,00 Euros





You’d take those over billet Ronins?


Turnigy mounts should work with that :smiley:

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It’s not just being precision… & i’m not going to spell it out here… what angle, what rake, what width… front back… & all that goes beyond the Ronin support pin which eliminates lateral play at the king pin Ronin are developing so fast they don’t even make those trucks any more! :boom:


G.O.G BB2 - BB3 are german precision craftmanshift beyond anything seen in northamerica. Some if the best slalom - downhill longboarders on the planet use them.

No doubt, I don’t think anyone was saying that angle, rake and width don’t matter. As you can see, I posted three generations of Ronin Precisions. That said, the Katanas are definitely designed for downhill wheels 70-78mm with extra wide contact patch. For an esk8 setup I think most would prefer the old 184mm hanger Ronin precisions. I definitely agree that they are a step ahead of the competition.

I think the venom/rogue cast trucks should be more popular…

Square profile, 186mm wide, insert bushing is less to maintain than ronin & dampens vibration better but still helps to control lateral movement at the kingpin and gives you a more open bushing seat.

& even the third pic is now discontinued…

note change in ronin font size of cnc cut outs… even narrower IMG_20180820_173136

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Nice, I had not seen the Rogue’s before. I like the design a lot.

The picture I grabbed of the Katanas came directly from Ronins website, so I guess their website needs updating.!/Ronin-Katanas/p/21764907/category=1667187

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Wow spherical bearings?! Thats so 2007… might as well be bear smokeys or Jimz trucks.

Aeras and ronins are king right now. The scene steered away from wide dead “stable” trucks a long time ago.

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Aera has a crazy good reputation in the downhill longboard scene !

At least Aera still makes a 184mm hanger. Those narrow hangers on the Katana are not ideal for esk8.

Dude. Thank you for reminding me the name of this truck!!! Brings back so many memories… Here’s a quote from their website:

This truck has helped our riders win the world cup title twice. 2007 with Erik Lundberg

I was racing against Erik Lundberg in the semi-finals, Chris Theiler and myself lost to this Swede who was riding Kahalanis back at Demons of Downhill 2007. We lost it for America!!! and they gained the right to quote that win. Those swedes rolled up in their fancy rental, looong blonde hair swooshing in the wind… First time I’d seen a bundle of swedes… Beautiful sight to behold.

Anyways, those have always been some sick trucks. Super low riding too. Thanks for helping me remember :sunglasses:

Anyway, to answer OP… How about some magun trucks? I know someone who might have a set still… We tried to replicate something similar with Confederate trucks back in the day. Those would make some good eskate trucks if you can find a set… Probably more rare than maguns, I think maybe 10 were made at most.


My pleasure! Kahalanis were pretty hype back in the silverfish days.

I remember Magun trucks, those were everyones dream trucks, highest of the high end stuff. Check your PM’s.

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