Apex Customs | DIY Experts based in United Kingdom

Apex Customs are providers of custom Electric Skateboard Parts

They are a brand new esk8 company based in the UK formed by 3 long-standing members of this community.

@BigBrit @ducktaperules @BigBen.

They decided to team up to bring cool and innovative esk8 products to the community.

You can find them here


This is their latest piece of kit - they call “MONSTERBOX” - it’s a big battery!

The battery is built using a custom PCB & 3D printed parts, the battery is hand-built in the uk

image image

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Are you attempting to clone, the clone forum? How the tables have turned. 1 million USD?


Yeah Linny, Isn’t it Obvious?


It was always my vision to have a news & news article section on this forum. Stupid me, I actually shared this idea with Damon & others… Then he ran off & created his clone forum… go figure.

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