Apex V Brake - add safety

First time I’ve seen this

Clamp on friction brake…ugly but … I think it’s a good idea as a back up for those noobs and people that live in super hilly areas that want that extra assurance they can slow down.

Seems easy enough to put on and take off



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There are a number of products like this in the market. http://brakeboard.com is a well known solution, and I’ve also seen a product that’s nothing more than a bolt on a bent metal spring.

These products see very limited adoption and I think the reason is because you have to shift your weight in order to use them … which is the last thing you are able to do when you’re out of control and need the brakes most.

I think a disc brake design would be a lot better. Something that is both electronically controlled and physically controlled would be the safest.

I doubt you will be stopping with this down a hill, especially with rain or leaves.

There is another thread abt breakboard some place

This this seems a.much simpler alternative in terms of attachment and removal

Seem those other systems become part of the board once installed … this you can pop off when you want …

I think it’s a great safety addition for new riders, people with hills and dodgy esk8 boards that have drop outs…

And when you trust the board…you take it off

A better solution would be to give your board to someone who longboards and buy a bike instead.

There’s absolutely no way that is going to be useful or safe on a longboard. Learn the basics. Wear a helmet. Know you are going to fall at some point.


I feel like if I were to bomb hills on that it would chew up the wheel and spit it out before the wheel even knew it.

For my next (long away) eMTB build I’m adding the Magura brakes so I can actually ride around, because no matter where you go around me you are literally climbing and bombing mountains.

But that’s not reality …

They are gonna keep the board

Also a thought …

This could be suffice for any crazy laws that require a brake and requires no mod to the board , trucks or wheels

For sure…

I don’t think this is a braking solution for everyday…more like for noobs and in case of emergency :rotating_light: type situations

Ok buy one and tell me how well it works out trying to find it in an emergency…BASICS

I’m not arguing against these ideas, I’m just pointing out that longboard brakes a not new and they are not widely adopted.

Personally I think the reason for this is because longboard brakes are not an effective solution … but I could be wrong. Also, foot braking is cheaper, requires less thought and can be done a high speed: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1OLPxl1TCTg

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lol I don’t need to waste money one one

I’m watching some dude on YouTube and see if it works for him since he’s a noob

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Well, I think one should learn how to footbrake if you want to go faster than 10kph, and maybe also to slide if you go faster tan 40kph. Not only for the personal security(wich I care less about, but still), but also for the security of others. You need to be able to stop in emergency cases. If kids jump in your way, and you can’t stop and run them over, you will never be happy again.

+1 on this… Learning how to foot brake, lean, and bail without killing yourself are very real and important skills!! Also this system is going to eat the shit out of your wheels!!! ABEC11s arent’ cheap, yo.