APS 5065 270KV 2200W sensored brushless motor

Hey guys. Been running with this motor for a while but now the magnets are loose. Motor itself isn’t broken. It’s in fairly perfect condition. If you can find a way to fasten the magnets it’s pretty much brand new. Motor: http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/alien-5065-sensored-outrunner-brushless-motor-270kv-2200w-2/ Currently I tried using a strong glue to fix the magnets in place. It’s drying and will have to test shortly. Doubt it’ll work. You should be able to remove the glue quite easily. Just emphasizing that getting this motor running with take some effort.

Some pictures before glueing:

I can post more pictures if needed. Not 100% sure I’ll sell this motor but I most likely will as I have a new one coming in soon.

Hi, how did the fixing of the magnets go? What setup are you running? I have a similar motor (http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/alien-5070-hev-sensored-outrunner-brushless-motor-270kv-2200w/), running it with a 8S LiPo and VESC.

Check out this topic: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-screeching-issue-at-certain-rpm-need-help/12815 I glued the magnets back in place. I did however end up buying the same motor again since the old one was also slightly off center (but it still works perfectly) I’m running 6S on a 120A X-Car Beast Series ESC