APS 6384S vs 8072S for single motor build


I’m building a Trampa Urban Carver, using 6.5 pneumatics, Trampa motor mount, ESCape and a 30Q 12s4p pack.

My budget doesn’t quite stretch to a dual motor build, but I want the option to upgrade in the future (not sure how likely this is).

At 12s what differences would I see between an APS 6384S and an 8072S?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I would suggest to go with the 8072 because the motor will run cooler. In know both motors from Dual eMTB setups. For your Single Drive i would take the bigger one :grin:


Thanks! :smiley:

Just my experience with a single drive pneumatics: When my one of motor stopped working and was going using only one motor braking is really bad with single motor drive, your board starts pulling to the sides and etc starts happening.

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That’s not good, was it to the point where it was difficult to control?

I wouldnt recommend single anymore too.

When you accelerate or brake hard it is difficult to stay in Balance. And if your vesc has an error you will most likely fly into the concrete. Did happen to me two times already with a single drive.

but if you are on a tight Budget or want a light and not powerfull commuter (max 3km) a single Motor is okay

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Yeah I have to agree, single motor doesn’t feel right when braking and accelerating. I always drags towards one side. Well eventually, you get a grip but if feels so much nicer with a dual drive!

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I bought the 8072S, so I will be able to upgrade to a second once I save up the money as it doesn’t extend past the midpoint.

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Hmmm I’m not having these weird pulling effects on my single drive street board, maybe I’m just used to it so I counter lean

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You get used to that Counter lean but if you accelerate as hard as i do sometimes you cannot Counter lean that torque.

But the main Problem is that if you get a Connection issue your Counter lean will throw you of the board. not a nice Feeling. thats why i always use dual when creating a power board.

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Actually yeah that probably why, my current belt setup on the board is with 3m belts so I’m quite soft on the throttle to not skip teeth.

I use chains on my dual motor board, no slip for me :yum:

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Also depends on your trucks specification and how they are set up. If you have any lateral play at the kingpin you will get more axle walk or torque steer/brake effects. The right size bushings will help, go visit Alphamail in his bushing help topic he is the king of kingpin fit, or use Ronin trucks or anything with a spherical bearing & it will be eliminated. Ollin Freerides don’t have a issue: they use Ronin trucks with the queenpin…

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I’ve got a Trampa Urban Carver with the ultimate trucks, Easy Dampas and springs in the inner position. Pushing around it seems great, I haven’t got the electronics yet.

So if I get too much of a turning effect when accelerating or braking, I thought I could move the springs to the outer position and get stiffer dampas?

kinda a lot more torque

I tried pushing like a 100m and I got super tiered and my foot would hit the rear wheel :smiley: I guess you dont have pneumatic s?

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You’re not kidding haha

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Oh I do, pushing really was no fun. My only long boarding experience before was with a friends Evolve GT all terrain and I forgot I have no brakes without electronics

breaks were my main thing for building an eskate :smiley:

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Yeah that might be it. I’m using Caliber IIs with stock bushings :sweat_smile:

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