APS ESC Firmware, which one?

Hi ESK8 community, I’m building some kind of eScooter, and bought Alien electronics

  • APS 130Kv (6374) sensored motor
  • APS 120A ESC.
  • 48 tooth and 12 tooth GT2 pulley
  • 10S battery

My question is about the APS Firmware that I should use with this ESC. In the APS update software, I’m getting a lot of different ones, like Car16S_UV45, Skt16S_V40, etc. Can someone tell me whats the meaning of the U,V,S suffix of these firmware ? And maybe, which one would be the best in my case ?


What do you need frimware for? i have probably the same ESc and I didnt have to do aything with the firmware, I just downloaded the software and connected the ESC as in the guide and thats all :slight_smile:

I just wanted to be sure that I used the right one, mostly because of the sensored motor. I don’t really know if the sensor is used or not, and wanted to be sure of that. Also, if you have the same ESC, have you tried to tune some options ? Like motor timing or so ?

I have disabled the reverse, set the braking to 30%, because the original braes were too strong and now it runs smoothly :slight_smile: I dont remember if I did anything else…