Arbor Axis Maple with Alien Power and 8S $600

This is a barely used (less than 40 miles) Arbor Axis board (see below for details). I just never ride like I thought I would. Custom fiberglass enclosure for the hardware, comes with charger. The digital battery display does not work. Comes with bluetooth to use extended bldctool developed by @Ackmaniac. See pics and let me know if you have any questions.

Board: -Arbor Axis Maple 40" $105.06 -Caliber 2 50 deg. Trucks $34.95 -Pacific Flyer Abec 9 Bearings $12.95 -Truck Risers and Hardware $10.59 -83mm Flywheels (Abec clones from Amazon) $26.99 Propulsion System -Alien 6374 HEV 240KV 3300W for mono drive $113.95 -DIYElectric VESC $109.99 Mounting -DIYElectric Mono Drive Kit: $106.99 13/36 tooth 12mm wide pulleys Single motor mount for Caliber Trucks Power System

  • (2) 4s 6000mah Turnigy running in series to make 8s 6000mah $105.53
  • DIYElectric Power Switch $60.00
  • XLR microphone connectors $9.09
  • 33.6V 2A brick (laptop style) charging adapter $21.00
  • DROK digital battery indicator $13.85 Control System -Alien Power System 2.4Ghz Remote with Rx $63.51 -Misc wiring, connectors, hardware, etc. $18.80 -Fiberglass enclosure made in my garage $75 Total Price of E-board (so far…) $920.19

^^This is a tag from my original build post. which you can see here. After multiple attempts at the enclosure I am well over $1000 into the board, but I only included the price of what components are actually on it (lots of failed attempts at enclosures).


Nice build

Thanks, you should buy it. :yum:

I’ve 2 already

you know what they say…third board’s a charm. or maybe I made that up…probably the latter.


Trampa is my next 1 roads are so bad in Dublin

It’s hard to sell a full board here Selling in parts might be the way to go I’ll take the remote if your sell parts

Good to know. If I don’t get any bites soon I’ll think about that.

Not sure if I can delete the thread, but this board is SOLD.