Arbor Drop cruiser deck

I was wondering if the Arbor Drop Cruiser deck would have enough ground clearance if I get motor mounts from DIY. Also my battery enclosure is only 1.3 inches thick im just worried about the 6374 motors I’m using mounted with as I said DIY’s mounts

It looks like a micro-drop to me; just top mount / add risers for more clearance. Most people run top mount or flush mount for better clearance with esk8. Your motors will be at least 2.5 inches off the ground (63 mm).

What is a top mount I’m new thanks read up!


So top mount is a type of board huh didn’t know

it’s just a mounting style, to make it more confusing you can ‘top mount’ a drop-through deck ahaha

Oh ok well I guess I should go read some more about top mount