Arbor longboard highground 36 gt icon

Brand new arbor longboard highground 36 gt icon

I bought it for a build but the concave was not what I expected. This is a downhill board, I wanted a beach cruiser.

$60 OBO … Free shipping to USA.

Have you ridden it dude? I have one and love it! With my foot across the deck the “W” pushes in to my arch giving me good control, & when I tuck, I point my foot more down the deck it gives me a more level platform for my rear foot. The little rear flare is perfectly placed too. 1st day I got mine it even felt good to carpet skate so… Add a RipTide inside foot stop and it’s a :peach: :

either way…

$60 is a deal for someone stateside shipped if you can’t get along with it. :thinking:

I’ll give you 50

Thanks for the tips; I already got a replacement. Maybe I wouldn’t gotten used to it, but the concave was just too much. I think downhillers have a more parallel foot position … then it is super comfy.

@Blacksheep … I’ll give it a couple of days … if no one offers $60 I’ll let you have it at $50. Where are you located?

Washington state