Arbor Rally Pocket Rocket Build! -VESC/6s/245kv/Enertion Mount/9in calibers

Basically I’ve always liked this deck when looking at it online, but never bought it because it looked too small for an eboard…

Well, turns out my local skate shot had one (and all boards were $20 off :smile: ) and after seeing it in person, I could tell it was actually mroe possible than I thought!

All the parts in this build are left over from past projects except the VESC and the Deck itself, so that’s how I’m justifying it’s existence to my wallet.

The parts: Arbor Rally Caliber 9" trucks Abec flywheels Enertion CF motor mount turnigy 245kv SK3 Enertion VESC 2x 1800mah 6s lipos (parallel) GT2B 2.4ghz remote

just some size comparisons- I also really like the wood used on the rally First major step was modifying the hanger so that I could fit the enertion mount: just a bit of dremeling

so the next big step is the enclosure… On my last build, I used wood to match the deck. This time, I wanted to try something new, so I decided to use fiberglass. I made one earlier attempt, and it went quite well. This is my second version, and I think it is looking pretty good so far. It still needs some fine tuning, but the general shape is what I was going for.

Still in progress, so I’d love to hear anyone’s suggestions!

Also, I realize the two small batteries will give me a really short range, but this build is mostly parts I had on hand, so I didn’t want to order anymore lipos.


AWESOME! mini arbor pocket rocket!

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I hope you can get it to fit! You have a lot of skill for your age. Keep it up!

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Next update!

Everything is wired up, and done except for the detail work. It still needs some touching up with the fiberglass, and a coat of paint.

Here’s how the enclosure turned out after the first layer of fiberglass:

the smaller case was V1 of my fiberglassing attempts.

After taking it off, I beefed up the corners and top of the case with a second layer of fiberglass and resin.

Next, I wired up the two 6s batteries in parallel:

I also drilled some holes for the VESC

Soldered up the bullet connectors to connect the motor. Ran through the BLDC tool with almost no troubles (had to mess around with the com ports a little)

So right now here’s where I’m at: my on/off switch is just that bullet connector hanging out the side… I’ve ordered some anti-spark xt90’s to make a loop key, but this is what I got for now.

charging xt90 is on the far side, and the balancing port the close side: I have ordered some 9pin plugs that will have both the balancing and charging wires hooked up to them so that it is one simple plug for charging.

I also got some spray paint that is apparently supposed to be like truck bed liner, so we will see how that goes…

before the paint, I will clean up the edges of the fiberglass box, and do some light sanding. I just need to get a better mask before I go that far.

I’m really liking the feel of this tiny cruiser so far :smile: for being a heck of a lot less expensive than my daily driver, it really is a sweet board.

Nice use of smaller trucks and fiberglass skills. Great setup! Gotta have a single motor that’s lightweight nowadays!

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completely agree! It seems like the perfect little board for small trips. The small form factor makes it feel like nothing to carry too.

Nice! simple and clean! I’m curious about charging in parallel though. Isn’t there a possibility of over charge or over discharge issues due to different cell resistances of the two batteries?

yes, because you are technically balancing a parallel of two cells.

I bought both of the batteries at the same time, and both have had the same amount of cycles- I think with the cutoff set at 3.3volts per cell, and by charging to 4.15volts per cell the lipos will be just fine.

There are a lot of people who charge their lipos in parallel with no problems, so I will see how this goes!

Awesome! Good idea charging and discharging before the limits. Im thinking about charging my lipos in para. also but unfortunately I have 2 cells that seam to have less capacity. I may just solve all this with a new 8s 10amp charger and a bms. we’ll see

looking good. I like the charge plug that you speak of with the balance built in. pics please.

also I gotta ask. why use two 6S 1800 in parallel when you could use two 3S in series and have a much lower profile?

I think that’s what he had laying around.

Pretty much what @lox897 said.

I had those two batteries left over from a science project, and didn’t really want to buy another set of lipos. In the future I’m definitely using two 3s batteries.

Hell yes! I can smell the bondo from here. This is going to be a sweet build and it looks like its going to be fun as hell to ride, even with the shorter range.

You’ll probably still be able to get 5 or 6 miles out of it though which will be fun for tearing around parking lots and bike trails.


I think I’ll be able to maximize the range since I’m keeping the trucks relatively looks, and don’t see myself doing any speed runs on this thing…

It’s just the perfect little cruising/carving board :smile:

@lowGuido Sorry for the late response- I’ll be using a pair of these guys:

Ah yeah. I thought that may have been the one. I have thought about using a similar plug on one of my builds.

These are the ones in my 6S, they are part of the old 10Ah power kit from Enertion.

I also have the old metal boxes on my shelf. no more metal boxes. ever.


I’m quite happy with this truck bed liner spray paint stuff: it hides a lot of imperfections, and gives it a hardier look.

It’s almost like the look of @psychotiller’s ABS enclosures…

(that little black square sticking out is th balancing port taped up… I made the mistake of permanently attaching the charging port before painting… so the batteries were left inside the case)

And now, some near finished photos!!! I’m loving the thing already!!


Nice! Would you recommend this motor for a simple build? I’m still scoping out the right one to use for my first board.


The only downside is that you will need to make your own flatspot, but that isn’t a huge deal.