Arbortronic | Single 6354 200Kv | 8s 10Ah | 80mm | VESC | BadWolf Mod

Hello Guys

I am Micha, a 19 years old student from Germany. I live close to stuttgart. (Perhaps someone of you was already there) When i first i discovered E-Boarding, and a few hours laters this Forum, i was blown away as i saw all of these awesome custom boards. After a month of intensively reading i decided to build my own awesome board. I will use the board to travel to school (around 7 km one way) ,work (around 5 km), and everything within the 15-20km Range. I think/hope its going to be exhilarating!

So these are the parts im using:

  • Arbor Fish Bamboo Deck
  • Caliber 2 Trucks
  • Orange Kegels 80mm
  • C6354 200Kv
  • Motor mount from
  • VESC also from
  • 8s 10Ah 25C flattened Li-Po Pack with Antispark, Powerswitch and BMS
  • 32T/14T Gearing
  • Bad Wolf GT2B Mod
  • 2 part ABS cover for battery
  • 1/4" Riser Pads
  • and some nice bearings

Total Cost around 1000,- €

Everything is here except for the Battery and the motor pulley. (should arrive next week) I wonder if someone rides a similar Setup (Single 6354 200Kv, 8s 10Ah, 32/14T, 80mm, VESC) and could tell me some reallife testing values like Vmax and Range.

And maybe someone has a good idea for a enclosure just for the vesc and the 2,4Ghz receiver.

I will keep you guys updated! I was going to upload 10 fresh pics but unfortunely i am only allowed to upload one because i am a new user :frowning: I think Jason has the power to give me those rights, if he would do that, i could post more pics which would be awesome. Anyway here is one pic.

I think it will be a pretty sweet ride once its finished but let me know what you think!

Greets from Germany!


Looks great man! Keep us updated and welcome!

Here is the updated board.

The topspeed is around 40 km/h. Range about 35km on a 30km/h average. So its awesome and the Single Motor drags me on top of every hill. Its exhilarating!


very nice and clean build. i like how u used graphic stickers to conceal the electronics hub

Nice - the flat build makes it look super cool. What do you mean by flattened by Lipo - did you just cut it open and lay the single cells out flat - was that hard? Which battery did you use exactly and what BMS? What charger are you using?

good looking single setup!

Really well done pics btw.

Hey, thanks. I just bought the 8s 10ah pack from AlienPowerSystem. It already comes flattened and with

  • BMS
  • charging slot
  • powerbutton
  • voltage display
  • heathshrink
  • 4.5 amp Charger

But if you want to do it yourself here is a post of someone who already did it.

Frohes Rollen.