Arc Board mini cruiser kick starter, thoughts? Not bad for $599

This is not really my cup of tea but since I saw some talk of converting penny boards into E-boards recently, this honestly doesn’t look too bad to me for the price. 16 mph (25 km/h) speed, 15% hills claimed, and 18 km (11 mile range). Here are some details direct from Hung Li so you can skip all the marketing.

-ESC: Modified VESC, “redesigned the layout of the VESC to make it smaller so it could fit the Arc Board, MOSFETs were consolidated and fitted with a heat sink.”

-Battery w/BMS: LiFePo4 chemistry, 9S2P (33.3V), 6300 mah. (I calculated 210 Watt hours)

-Motor: 4260 190 kv, 1200 Watt peak (900 watt continuous)

-70mm proprietary wheels and 6 inch proprietary trucks

-Custom machined pulleys with 10mm belt

-2.4 ghz transmitter with a thumb wheel

Honestly, for being in the 500 dollar range this doesn’t seem bad as a tiny board. It weights only 3.5 kg as well. When you consider other boards or mini cruisers on the market such as the yuneec ego which costs around $700. Not for me, it’s a niche board but for those who love tiny light weight cruisers… seems okay. They are pretty open to answering any questions you may have. Just wanted to get thoughts from other people. Also they said if they get funded a good amount of proceeds will go to Vedder.


that motor is tiiiiiinnnnny

I think this is the first complete I have looked at and thought they are doing the small board pretty well. The motor could have been a tiny bigger, but it’s a really small board. They went with the vesc, which is great. That battery has a lot of Wh for what it is, must be a very dense energy to space ratio. And they even fit a bms in there.

However, I can’t see using this as a tool in commuting unless your commute is very flat. There’s just no way this thing will do 15% grade hills for very long before things start to over heat (most likely the motors).

If you look on their instagram. They are just using a flier ESC lol.

Yep, it is tiny. But it’s a tiny board, and you can’t expect much bigger for $500s price point. If you don’t weigh a lot and are on flats, I think it will do okay.

that was in their early models apparently, they said they switched over the VESC.

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LiFePO4 is 3.2v, so 9S2P @ 6300mAh (3150/cell) is 180Wh. I guess they are using Tenergy 26650 cells.

It’s a decent-looking little board at a reasonable price. Probably will get funded. We’ll see if they can deliver.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the kind words and feedback! I’ve been around this forum a little as well and just wanted to express my appreciation for the learnings on building an electric skateboard from when we (the Arc Boards Team) first started.

You guys may not know it but many times when we had some development bump with the Arc Board I would always refer to this forum to look for answers. So thank you all very much for that!

To be honest I was hesitant to share the Arc Board Kickstarter on this forum because I was afraid it would get ridiculed for being “another Kickstarter crap” or “one more cheap Chinese toy”. We spent too much time and effort building the Arc Board and we did not want to get heartbroken.

We are also painfully aware the Arc Board is not up to par with some of the great DIY work around this forum (looking at you LHB!), but this is our humble offering to the world for an affordable, fuss-free yet decent-enough board for people who don’t have the time or energy for DIY.

However, that said, we are very relieved to hear the great opinions stated above. Above all else I personally am just very happy to know you guys see the design intention and specific value that we are trying to provide with the Arc Board. I am grateful for the encouragement!

Like you guys mentioned, we’re trying to cater to a very small group of people with very specific needs that they are trying to get solved. While we had a good first couple days on Kickstarter, we will still need all the help we can get to reach out to these people who would find the Arc Board as the ideal solution for them.

I would really appreciate it if you know of such friends/family to let them know of the Arc Boards existence, so that they may consider and possibly help us bring the Arc Board to them!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys once again, and have a great week ahead!

Best, Hung Yi on behalf of the Arc Boards Team.


Hey everybody, just a quick update, we got funded successfully earlier today! We’re stoked to get the support we needed to make the Arc Board available to the world, and we will look to keep to the promises we made in our campaign.

That aside, @Photorph did mention that we will be sending some proceeds from our campaign to Vedder (we mentioned that on Reddit), and we intend to keep to that promise.

The plan right now is to focus fully on getting the boards into production and fulfilling all Kickstarter deliveries first, and when that is done (estimated in March 2017), we will take stock of what funds we have left and make sure a good portion goes to Vedder. We will need everybody’s help to keep us accountable to that, do kick us in the ass if we fall short on that.

Once again, thanks for everything, and have a great weekend ahead!

Best regards Hung Yi on behalf of the Arc Boards Team

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Send me a free board, and I’ll promote the shit out of it, I want to bring electric skateboards to Melbourne as they are pretty much non existent here because no one really knows about them.