Arctic Winter build | FOCBOX | 12s 8Ah Lipo | SK3 190KV

Hi everyone!

My name is Alex, I am 16 years old and I live in Sweden. As you all know, we sweeds have polar bears walking around in our gardens nowadays, so I figured it would be safer staying inside. Since the Polar bears wont be gone until spring, I have lots of time to work on my next build! :smile:

This summer I made my first build, a simple 6s board with a low budget. To be honest I was a bit greedy, since I did not want to spend huge sums of money on something that I would end up not enjoying. So i finished it, with some cursing (terrible ebay motor mount, etc.), and eventually it worked great. It was really satisfying overtaking cyclists at 20 mph, on something I built myself! :smile:

But since I am a speedfreak (I earlier raced with competetive gokarts and I have a motorcycle licence) I was not really satisfied with the topspeed and the range, nor the struggle of charging with a balance charger. So I started reading and taking in as much information I could, learning a lot.

To conclude, what I wanted could be achieved with a 12s 190KV build with BMS. These are the parts I chose:

Already have: Caliber trucks and Enertion motor mount from @WARMAN. Great quality, thanks! FOCBOX and NANO - X from @monkey32 awesome group buy. Thanks man! DIY Fiberglass enclosure

Buy at hobbyking 4x Zippy Flightmax 3s 8000mAh 30C wired in series to make a 12s 8Ah battery SK3 6374 190KV Erpm will be set at 60 000 so I wont burn the DRV chip 15/36 Gearing Misc connectors and wires

Still looking for Bestech 12s BMS 12s charger MBS All Terrain 100 wheels

I copied @Namasaki´s 10s lipo build and replaced it with a 12s battery and 12s BMS. This is my current electric scheme, the male and female parts are 5,5 mm bullets:

So what do you think guys? Is the wiring correct? I like the idea of having everything modular with the 5,5 mm bullets, so if anything brakes I can easily swap it out. What do you think of my choice of battery and motor? The zippy´s are at a great price right now, and shipping is free during all december!

Does anyone in Europe have a spare Bestech 12s BMS and charger? I like the idea of the E-switch on the bestech so I would prefer it over the Supower one. Having mentioned that, how would the wiring scheme differ with a supower BMS?

Anyway, thanks for this awesome community, I have learned tons of exciting new things!


Looks good! Do you have a link for the wheels?