ARDUINO - help and ideas thread

I thought with the arduino projects a few people have ongoing we could have a social area to just talk about arduino. If people are having problems with code or wiring certain things up maybe we could discuss it here, hopefully it will keep peoples specific project threads clean and on track. I know im going to have various questions. So far i know @EssEnn and @chinzw are currently working on things


Ask away! :slight_smile:

Don’t need any help with anything but just wanted to share this thing that I am making:

I am using IRF1324, TVS Diode, and Schottky diode as an upgrade so the MOSFETS dont blow.


noooo its absolutely fine @lox897 … the more the merrier! Maybe you can assist us if we have questions :wink: I may need a spot welder in the near future (2nd build !!) so il definately use that link as reference. thanks

I also know that Daniel from Melbourne ESK8 group has made leds that correspond to the amount of voltage the battery has.

I’ve done this for my remote, with an atiny85.

Also working on brake/turn/under glow leds that plug into the rx ch1/ch2 and splits ch2 to esc.


I like the idea… I think there shoud be a whole new category - ‘‘arduino tinkering’’ AKA ‘‘arduino projects’’

So far I’ve witnessed these applications for an arduino:

Battery level indicator (with simple leds) Remote control ideas, using arduino Data sending / receiving (speed, battery, ah/wh consumed etc) Light control (headlights, turn signals etc) Sound control… (horn or similar)

Perhaps a few more…

how about a uart to microsd data logger for vesc. or even better a microsd config.xml to vesc uart programmer! :heart_eyes:

This would be great. IT could later be transferred to our ESK8 Database site using some sort of protocol and display the data there…

Btw, the current version is here, would be great to start collecting some direct data from Vesc’s :slight_smile:

I think as a group we could come up with a ‘standard’ reasonably straight forward setup which can be plugged in to vesc and, as you say, log certain parameters which would be useful for the database. Unfortunately im well out of my depth with logging info onto SD using arduino :slight_smile: but im more than willing to learn and follow along by building an actual logger. Hell, it could be like ‘today in arduino class’ !

well Arduino somewhat lead me to esk8…so its only right esk8 brings people back around.

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It should be pretty simple to implement this using rollingecko library. Once im done with the battery monitor ill use 2 of my free i/o to setup a serial to the vesc. That way i can get cells voltages and vesc data all to one chip.

So @chinzw what should i be ordering to make a logger? Is it as simple a list as: -Nano -microsd card module -cable and connector (which connector?) to go to the vesc ?

Ive got a few spare nano’s, will order an sdcard reader and cable/plug once i know which size/type of plug is needed to plug into vesc

lol I was just spitballin, I think it might be better with bt and just record on a phone. I just got a ble module to play with on android.

But if you want built in, a spi sd port like and vesc uses 2.0mm pitch jst ph

Or at least, a sub-category for arduino under ‘electronics’ … i guess that all depends on how the forum is all setup but for now a thread should be fine.

Setting up SD card is a little bit more complex, but there’s plenty tutorials. If you buy the SD card breakout and RTC breakout you can just hook them up and they should work just fine.

Ok cheers for that. I’ll get a few ordered now along with an sd card module. Love the fact arduino modules and sensors are generally only a few quid. i guess if the data is logged onto sd card and is easy to import into excel, a few variables like motor current and motor temperature (externally logged, not via vesc) could easily be overlaid on a graph to compare the heat influence certain current has on the motors. Is there some sort of load calculation that can be done using current draw and rpm?

spot on, thanks !

yupp but they do add up :money_mouth:

if you’re really going for it, I’ve always wanted to add a 10axis imu, so you can map hills, carves, direction…g force!

excel or csv to excel would be perfect, and then template some graphs. I think current/rpm would be related to efficiency, lots of maths that can be done once some data is there.

Ive already got an accelerometer/gyro module but when i looked at a few tutorials the code gave me a headache so i fell back onto the SOS led flashing haha