Are b type battery's any good

i was looking for some lipos on hobby king and found these there are hi internal resistants but is that a problem i mean wen i go to school i chage them and wen i am back home i ride or is there somting bad whit them link:

Personally I wouldn’t take that risk. They don’t give any warranty for these lipos, so there might be higher risk that your lipos broke faster than usually or you burn your house and so on. I recommed Zippys. Those are cheap and relatively trustworthy.

Same here I wouldn’t want those b grades near my house either. IMO lipos need to be in your hand and being checked after every use. They should be stored in lipo safe bags when not in use for more than a few days at a store charge of 60% capacity. They are much safer when they scare you a little bit and you pay more attention to them.

Dont buy B grade lipos. They are at a lower price because they dont make the wuality control test. The only reason why hobbyking sells them is to make a little extra money from the bad batteries. Unless you plan on stabbing a knife through it and make a little bonfire dont buy them. It says in the description of them that they won’t last longer than a few cycles

tnx haha lol