Are diyeboard dual motors good? So I’m planing on building a boosted clone, and I was planning on going with diyelectricskateboard 6355 dual motors, pulleys and belts, and @JLabs mounts. However, I saw that the diyeboard motor kit is way cheaper. I’m pretty light, about 170, so I don’t think I need all the power the 6355 has to offer. Is it a good choice to go with diyeboard or am I going to get what I paid for?

Had it for a while. Absolutely awful. Requires modding to create an idlers pulley. Otherwise enjoy slipping belts and brakes that might kill you.

let’s say you change the mounts with good ebay ones. then are they worth it? It’s not sufficient to say the mounts are bad when talking about something

If you are buying new mounts you’ll need new trucks. Ive got two sets of trucks and mounts because one of them snapped. The motors themselves are fine but the trucks and mounts are honestly fucking shit

Skip DIYEBoard , research and save up for a quality drivetrain. Please I honesty think saving money should be a low priority for this sport. Especially when cheating out can lead to very bad results

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Thanks for the feedback, my budget isn’t a problem but was just wondering if that was a considerable option. Didn’t even see the 5055 270kv, those don’t even compare to the 6355!

Visit the diyeboard specific thread. You will find a few reports there (last few posts) of people who have bent or broken the trucks that come with these kits. There appears to be a casting issue.

If you want to run the risk of these snapping during a ride, get them.

The specs are good, the quality not. My kit lasted for a week

I expect hes worked that out for himself by now.

Yeah lol I purchased motors from bkb, they are worth every penny :+1: