Are - Dual 5065 (200kv / 149kv) motors for emtb build a good idea?

Hi there! I’ve been trying to decide whenever two 5065 motors will be enough (wont burn out) for an emtb?

One thing - though

The board is gonna have 6’’ inch or so wheels, the wheels are quite light but of course they are still pneumatics…but I do believe they are not as cumbersome when rolling compared to the 9inch ones I got for my 1st board.

Here’s the look at the wheels:

I know @dinodave is running dual 5065 and he seems to be quite ok with them! I found a comment where he said that by running through grass n such they do get hot but I think I could make the same happen with my 6374 if I rode it hard…

Voltage is gonna be 8-10s by the way, so if I can pull around 30A max from each motor, I think I will have plenty of power anyways… 60A @ 36v = 2160w and 40A = 1440W.

So far Ive only pulled around 1200w on my 6s 6374 9inch wheel 4.33 ratio setup…So I think if 2 motors can push out 1500w, I should be fine… especially when riding in the city…(no hills at all)

Ok… to update the topic - it seems it can be fine using these 50’’ motors… but more power will be received from the 63’’ size of course…

Got the chance to ride the board finally after a long ‘‘non season’’ time… hit around 50A mark a few times but generally max wattage was around 800W.

Where did you get those wheels!? haha

With dual 5065’s i think it will be fine, i’d use the sealed 140kv on banggood. but 6354’s would have more kick at around the same weight, clearance not being a problem on 6" wheels.

@saul It was pure luck, man, to get them! Im not even sure who manufactures them but as we can see, someone is making such small wheels.

I got the board in auction (from Uk). Board itself could be bit old. Trucks seem to be made by a company named “Worker”.

Yeah sticking with 149kv might be a better option in terms of power / torque. But as i plan to run 8-10s I wont probably get as much speed from it, if I choose such low kv motor.

Btw i also intend to go chain drive. More ratios available, takes up less space and easier to source pulleys / sprockets