Are My Trucks Bent? Caliber II

After some reading on here I picked up some Caliber II 50s. The axels are a little crooked. Im wondering if this is normal. I took a video of what it looks like. Has anyone else experienced this much wobble?

I noticed the same thing on my brand new Paris trucks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they come that way brand new. Anytime you buy cast trucks. they are cheap! You could get a set of Caliber precision trucks for about $350 Bet those would be straight.

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OH so that is what precision means? I was wondering what precision truck was for a long long time…

The prescision trucks look nice but I do t think I can stomach $330 for a pair. I’d rather make my own for that kind of money

Caliber IIs have become the go-to esk8 truck because they are easy to design clamp-on mounts for, but I wonder how surfrodz would compare. They are precision trucks and you can get a set for around $180. They have a lot options for axel length and width, and color options. The only challenge is that there isn’t (yet) a reliable supply of motor mounts for them.

Just checked out some of the surfrodz. Those look awesome. I might have to go with those instead. Not having an available mount is not an issue. I work in a cnc machine shop so I was planning on making my own anyway.

Thanks for the tip

I designed and built a Surf-Rodz TKP Hex mount… And have access to a CNC…

Also, Surf-Rodz are only $99 for full color. Or $89 for raw. And they come with bearings, bushings, and precision spacers. I really have no idea why Calibers are so popular. Almost all cast trucks are bent out of the box, btw

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So the surfrodz came nice and straight?

Calibers are popular cause they are cheap and with a standard shape, so it’s not a problem to design motor mounts.

@jmasta any chance you could design a mount for the RKP Surfrodz?

I have them and the Caliber trucks always have them. Something to expect when casing hot aluminum to steel rods resulting in different rates of cooling. I assume the steel rods are straight when placed in the mold.

Yeah definitely. I am testing my SZ TKP Hex mount right now. TKP is ideal because the hangar has a constant cross-section. But I could make an RKP mount too. I’ve been riding both versions for years, so I already have multiple sets of each truck

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