Are my VESC settings correct?

Oh! One more thing I forgot to ask you, do you think that modem switching thing that I mentioned in my first post is a big deal or nothing to worry about? Have you ever heard/seen of this happening before?

Less than nothing to worry about. Happens to me as well. It’s what your computer has labeled it (i.e. the number is not coming from and has little to do with the VESC itself). I can give you a longer explanation, but it’s not really worth it for either of us.

Awesome, thanks.

Hello again, thinking of changing my Batt Max to 45 for a bit more power as well as motor min to -45 for a bit more braking force, will these settings do anything bad for my VESC or make it more at risk for damage?



Maybe @Ackmaniac could help too.

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I foresee no issues with that (mostly based on my previous comment that the batteries should be able to handle 50+ amps)

Awesome, what do you think is the highest I could safely raise my motor min to to increase braking? (That is what the motor min (regen) does correct?)

Braking strength is a combination of battery min, motor min, and some controller setting. For example, if you’re battery limit is -1, it won’t really matter what your motor min is cause it will always go with the battery. I actually have my motor limits set to 70 and -70 I believe, and then I just set my battery to how much charge current my battery pack can handle

So my battery min is -5A which is 1c for my pack. Will increasing the motor min increase braking force at all?

My guess is yes it is, but it’s hard to say for sure. You’d have to have some recorded telemetry data from you riding it to see if it’s hitting the -5 limit. You can probably up that to -10 and be okay. Or you can change the motor min, try it out, and then change the battery and try it out.

So If I increase Batt Min (regen) to -10 and Batt Max to 45 and motor min to -45 I should have a little more power, a little more breaking force, and I will still be safe in terms of frying my VESC?

You are nowhere near frying your vesc. I’m much more worried about your batteries and you (getting thrown because it too hard or hitting something because it couldn’t stop fast enough) than your vesc.

I am paranoid about frying my vesc because $170 dollars for a part in a hobby project is a lot for a high school student lol, I will change those settings. :slight_smile:. Thanks for your help.

No worries! I’m finishing my undergrad as well, so I totally understand. Most of the issues frying VESCs that I’ve seen were related to too high of a current ramp step (one of the advanced settings) and improper FOC configuration. If you don’t have any extra cooling (heat sink or something), you’d have to push the battery current up closer to 80A before I’d be worried. For simplicity: to get low speed power up the motor amps (up to 160 is fine if you like it) and high speed power decided more by the battery amps.

I appreciate the info in this thread! I am also tuning my VESC and am really not sure what does what. Is it as simple as:

Braking is controlled by: Startup acceleration is controlled by: Top end acceleration is controlled by: Top speed is controlled by (other than gearing and battery size):

I’m running 6s, 15/36, 97mm. Currently have plenty of top speed (22 mph) but barely any brakes and acceleration on takeoff could be stronger.

Really? You have barely any brakes with those values? I don’t know very much about VESC’s but your values are higher than mine so I would assume you would have more breaking force. Is your belt tight enough? That’s the only other thing I can think of.

As for startup acceleration that could also be a loose belt but the 'startup boost" setting might help as well.

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I’m running a pretty tight belt as I have never had any skipping. I just upped my startup boost and have spend the past hour scouting the forum for motor and battery max and mins without much confidence inspiring luck.

Anyone want to chime in with setting for highest performance? I need low end power.

6s 8ah 30c, 15/32, 97mm VESC. I’m a big guy at 250lbs

What motor?

Tacon Bigfoot 160

The basics of it is there are max/min limits and steps (most of what you see on the Advanced tab of Motor Configuration. The VESC will not allow things to go over any of those min/max limits and the steps control how fast things are allowed to change from one thing to another. WARNING: The advanced settings are very sensitive and are under the advanced tab for a reason. You can get yourself hurt and/or fry your VESC if you don’t know what you’re doing with them. If you feel you must modify them, see what the default settings are (click “Read Default Configuration”) and modify them in very small increments relative to those settings. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Credit (where credit is due): I knew a lot of the main ones, but some of the more advanced ones I got from @Ackmaniac’s modified BLDC-Tool (he has done a lot of work on it, including adding mouseover help windows for pretty much every setting)

These are the things that I’m aware of. I wouldn’t consider this 100% complete, cause I probably missed something, but a solid starting point.

Responsiveness: (how quickly any power output changes; applies to pretty much all of the things below so I listed them together here): Gain, Duty Ramp Step, Max Current Ramp Step, KP, KI, KD.

Braking is controlled by: Batt Min (regen), Motor min (regen) Startup acceleration is controlled by: Batt Max, Startup Boost, Top end acceleration is controlled by: (Not sure exactly what you mean by this, but it’s pretty much the same as startup I believe) Top speed is controlled by (other than gearing and battery size): Max ERPM, Batt Max, Motor Max.