Are the 4.4 ah lg and samsung 10s 2p premade packs with bms worth the money at 10 amp cont. discharge?

want to get 100 cells but want to know if I build a 12s 4 p pack if im going to be satisfied with the power or not.

40a at 12s is nothing to sneeze at. It won’t be the most powerful pack in the world, but it’ll be pretty decent. Unless you’re super strapped for cash, I’d recommend going with 30q cells instead and going with a 12s3p, you’ll get the same range and more power, with a 25% smaller pack.

Hey, I think you’re referring to the 10s2p packs on eBay? I got 200 of the purple LGs myself and although he states they are 10a, theres a concern of voltage lag and over heating the batteries. Someone on my thread below mentions to limit to 5a. I’m going to test to make certain, but wanted o share the same.