Are there any alternatives to Loaded when buying a flexible deck?

Or at least ones that are similar quality? I’m looking for something that’s just blank and simple.

This board has probably been posted 100 times on this forum but here you go.

All their boards are basically same, just cut to different shapes. Not quite as flex as loaded but close to it. Someone on here posted a video of the flex on one a while back.

This is perfect, thanks!


I have three decks from the and they are all great. No issues and high quality boards.

Damn it I wish I found these blank boards when I first started building my boards. Those boards looks great. I am thinking of sectors 9 bamboo shoots that I order last night after seeing this.

you don’t have any “flat” decks though…you should start making them




^none of those look like flex boards…

The best flex bamboo boards Loaded, DBLongboards, Jaseboards, Arbor, Globe, Sector9, Landyachz

If its not vertically laminated bamboo its not a proper flex board…

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i,m looking for a fiberglass bamboo. I bought a maple and bamboo white wave board. not very good flex. I know sector 9 is very flexy but i want too try something more original. I just see those all the time. it is a great board.

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Gordon and smith is very flexible


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