Are there any longevity benefits to adding a 2nd motor?

hi team,

im curious as to what the impact will be on my board if i add the second vesc and motor. i want my board to work as efficiently as possible, i ride about 18 a day miles for work and go up and down some gnarly hills daily…right now, my single 149kv motor is getting loud, scratchy, and is starting to squeek and rattle! sounds like its falling apart after about a year of regular use…can i expect my parts to last longer with 2 motors or is it not going to make much of a difference?

thanks guys!

So, I have noticed my range is actually better with a dual. The added benefit of more torque isn’t bad, too. I was running on a single for a while and would not go back.


Dual will act as stress relief to your system, everything split for two means low temp for your motors and ESCs, more hill climbing, more torque. The top speed would be the same.

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nice! more range is always good. what motors are you using? my only part that has needed replaced under regular use is my motor, which is just $84 a year, but i want my Vesc to stay healthy and would prefer to not age my motor/vesc more than necessary. im getting about 25 miles out of my 10s4p pack with a single 149kv motor, im thinking dual may not be a necessity

I think general wear and tear from your high daily mileage is going to cause you to replace your motors before the overuse of just having one motor.

Each ESC and motor will run cooler which should help overall.
Climb hills, brake and accelerate better with two motors.

Overall experience plus extra motor in case one part breaks is nice as well.

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thats very reassuring! makes sense that its half the stress for each electrical part. do you think itll pay for itself though? im planning to upgrade to Ollins dual drive train but for $500, my motors would need to last almost 7 years to make the upgrade cost effective regarding my motor dying. im so torn!

That’s something that depends to many variables, weight, ride style ecc…You asked if dual drive is more efficient, yes it is. You will benefit from it, in acceleration, brake…Although I donàt think you can predict how long a set up will last :grin:

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What brand is your motor that is giving up now?

I think it might pay for itself if you factor in the pain and nerves that can be spared through redundancy. When your belt breaks or your vesc shuts down on a single drive, it can put you in harms way.

Otherwise dual is definitely less efficient.

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25 miles is just about the same as what I get on a dual 6374 system with a 10s 4p 30q battery. This is on FOC. This makes me think that dual is unnecessary for you, unless your having an issue with hills.

You can actually get higher top speeds from 2 motors than 1. You can get closer to the no load speed because you have more torque to over come the wind resistance. As a result, you can hit a higher top speed. But it’s not drastic, at best 3 mph more.

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Dang 25 miles?? I’m running dual 6374 on 10s4p 30Q’s but don’t get that range. Only about 16 for me…

its a Turnigy 149kv, its definitely been through some abuse though, ive taken it out in the rain a few times, its scratched and dinged to hell because for the first 6ish months of use i wasnt able to get my motor mount tight enough to stop it from coming loose and smashing into curbs and stuff :joy::joy:

im in the 25 mile club, with some hills too! my board is very lightweight though, 13lbs total, plus i only weigh 155lbs and i ride pretty nonaggresively. i have a @barajabali 10s4p battery that is balance discharging, using a @chaka vesc as the heart and soul. small 83mm wheels could also play a role, im gonna try 75mm wheels. heres the only pic i can find right now…


Sure you can squeeze more out of it. What I meant is that the top speed of dual motors is the same of single. Yes, since dual push more you can gain same top speed beause you will be lighter to carry around.

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Oh wow that is very small !! . But yeah dual motors is very nice . Since you will feel more in control . You will definitely be able to feel the difference compared to single motor.

Like others have said before I’m the forum dual mtoros you’ll lose up to 30% efficiency.

Yea I’m getting 20miles riding hard 30miles just cruising and 25ish miles if I do some mixed riding with my dual 6374 set up on a 12s4p

Just looking at your board make me feel pain. :face_with_head_bandage: PTSD, I streeted my face and broke my hand on a pennyboard, non electric.

In your case I would just change the motor bearings once a year, or if you cant do that the whole motor. 7 years to payback the ollin drive system is a big difference. You probably want to change to a whole new board before then.

But yeah a dual will last longer than a single, twice as long? Not sure anyone tested that scientifically. Having redundancy and stronger brakes is huge benefit in my opinion. The added weight and cost is the downside.

oh ouch! I hate penny boards, theyre so heavy for their size!

Funny thing, I’m actually trying to go smaller with my wheels, trying out the 80mm kegels and may eventually go down to 75mm wheels as well. thankfully all of the roads I need to travel on are nice. I’m considering a bigger board but am waiting to find one for cheap second hand or something, the mini board works fantastically and saves so much weight!

I’m deciding for now to just continue on the single motor route until I can better justify the second motor, maybe use the money to get started on some other projects…