Are these ultra slim batteries any good?

They seem really slim and high capacity with a good discharge rate too.

Any way you could solder more than one together and throw on a connector to make a cheap and ultra slim battery pack?

Yep. Been done before. If slim is what you need, that’s a pretty decent way to do it.

What would be the configuration for soldering these?

I’m a noob and have heard about series and other stuff, but what would be the best for these?

If you don’t know, you shouldn’t be messing with these for a first project. There’s real potential for fire if you screw something up, and take it from a semi-veteran, it’s really easy to screw stuff like that up.


This type of cell makes much more sense for eboards… The cylindrical shape of 18650s wastes a lot of space in between the cells… We should get on this flat battery thing.

Not my first project, dabbled long ago but it never panned out. Just not the electronic type. I know some people who could help me though, mostly just wondering if they’re worth the money.

Lol a lot of people already are “on the flat battery thing”. There are reasons cylindrical cells are still popular. See and below.

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Yeah never understood that, and yet I see it everywhere. Flat just seems better…

Will do, thanks! I’m new as well, so I didn’t know about flat batteries.

All things being equal, yes. But all things are not equal. Specifically, the chemistry in recent round batteries is WAY more energy dense (over 3x better) than current RC pouch cells. So even though the packing is worse, they still win by about 2-2.5x.


@MysticalDork yes, I just read the other thread. I guess we’re just not there yet when it comes to battery technology

The soldering job on those just seems like a logistical nightmare though… Or am I wrong?

@bart you don’t solder them, that’s the thing.

The weight of the cells ends up being the bigger thing when it comes to esk8. Making them flat won’t make them less heavy.

Ehh, they’re not terrible. Soldering (as opposed to spot welding) any battery isn’t technically a good idea, there’s lots to go wrong. That said, I’ve made several soldered 18650 packs and they’re holding up fine last I checked.

Hey @b264, how’s that 25R pack doing?

The 25R pack is in one of my back-up skates that I use when I have breakdowns. Still going.

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Spot welding is the way to go from what I’ve seen, but most people still don’t make their own batteries. I’m learning so I can eventually do that. I even found the cheapest 30qs around just in case haha

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The cheapest 30Q are the fake ones.


No, I just meant I did my own research and found nkon😂


Also true. Get them from a reputable source. I like, they have good prices.