Are Truck Hangers machined with the axles and the ball on top, or are those added later


I need to make a wider hanger for some caliber trucks. I was wondering if most companies machine the whole hanger as one, as in, the whole thing is just out of one billet, or if the axles and the ball at the top are machined separately and bounded in. It seem like a pain in the arse to machine the axles and ball while on the truck, and the axles would be hard because I want the trucks to be like 14 inches wide, so even if I machined them first (and then hit the body), I feel like they would be hard to fixture and would squeal.

Any thoughts much appreciated. Also if anyone has any ideas on the best way to bound them in that would be cool too. I’m not really a fan of screwing them in because I worry they will come loose, but I don’t think a press fit is gonna do the trick either. I was thinking maybe a press fit with with a lot of jb weld. This being, when the wheels are in they are trying to pull the axle out. Maybe make it so the axile contains the wheel. IDK. I have literally no idea how they are done.

As a last note, I do not have a 5th axis otherwise this would be a much easier problem to solve. I would really like to keep it all on a 3 axis if that is possible.

Most machine as one

If not screwin

You mean the pivot? I machined the pivots with a thread and screwed them into the hanger with some amount of high strenght loctite. Works well.