Are Truck Risers Essential?

Just a quick question, How essential are Truck Risers? I have some vibration pads for my trucks but was wondering if having 6 or 9mm truck risers also would be useful. I’m using caliber II trucks. The reason I’m asking is because I’m almost ready to build it and was wondering if I needed to order these too.

if your deck is such a design that you can carve full without wheel bite then you dont need risers.

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Ah so really, I need to put it together first to test.

They do help soak up some vibration and depending on your enclosure size, help with ground clearance.

whats your deck??

Enertion - Koston Warrior…

Yeah that also why I got the thin rubber ones too

Enertion - Koston warrior

going from the look of the cutaways and deep wheel wells in that deck i’d say yo dont need them.

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Great! Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends, not only on the deck you have and the size of your wheels but also on your riding situations. For example: I live on a street where there are many tall speed bumps that I need to roll over without scraping my enclosure. So I’ve got 1/2" of soft riser front and back on a bottom mount deck with 83-90mm wheels. This gives me enough ground clearance, wheel clearance and motor clearance. I can carve as hard as I want and the extra height is not a problem for stability since I’m always below the 30mph mark.

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they are usually pretty cheap so better safe than sorry.

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Risers are only useful between the truck baseplate and wooden deck. Serves as a protection as I heard from one seller but it is not a requirement.

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What happens over 30mph?

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it is always better to have the board as low as possible. its better for stability which is in turn better for high speed.

the more space you put between your wheels and your board the further you have to move and the larger the lean angle you require to turn.

the lower you can be the better. hence double drop boards…

however we have to compromise because of component casings and such, so sometimes we need risers.

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Most hase been mentioned. But also an angeld riser in the front from 5 to 15 degrees can change the charasteristics of a board a lot. Especially how it handels turns.