Are Turnigy Multistar multirotor lipo packs filled with weaksauce?

based on more evidence gathered yesterday evening, the higher amp hour (mine is a 16Ah) multistar multirotor packs by turnigy are definitely lacking a bit of oomph. At around 23 volts i topped out at 20mph on twin NTM 270kv 5060s using a 15/36 pulley ratio and a pair of Favourite 6S escs. My ESC settings are all maxed out basically.

when i had an older Flier type 8S ESC in there with those two motors and the old custom 6S lipo pack in there, i was seeing close to 30mph consistently, and at one point i went over 31. When I had that pack in there with the Favourites, i was seeing similar results, usually topping out around 27 or 28ish.

Do you think its something special with the multstars or is this just what 10C feels like?

And where is the amp rating listed on these packs? It makes it difficult to know what C is so i can figure out what 10C would give me. Burst is allegedly 20C on these packs.

somebody actually commented on instagram about this too. I think @cmatson also had a build with one of these recently. What was the ride on that board like?

Yeah, of course the 10C isn’t actually 10C… supposedly otherwise I would think we’d get way more power from them.

Multistar are ok… just not there for performance.

I like the 25-30C packs… 20C is ok but 30C is better if it’s a few bucks more…

But yeah… so much for the Multistar packs :smile:

i’ll have to look at my old pack, but i think it was around 45C.

The range though. I mean DAMN. Yeah they only shove so much juice over the wire, but its there for the long haul. I’m going to do a full range test this weekend. I expect to get an assload of milage out of it, and if so, i think maybe these packs have a decent use case in long-range 15-20mph commuter boards. It takes forever to charge these packs though.

Well, i would just need an hour to charge these two lipos :stuck_out_tongue: I would appreciate two tests with the exact same setup just other lipos! I cannot imagine that those multistar does not have enough power… they are rated at 10C. Your 16Ah (mine 8Ah) has a continous rating of 160A (mine 80Ah also enoguh?) and that is much more than needed! Correct me if i am wrong?

Well this is good info. I was just considering getting 2 10C Multistars to run in Series. I only pull 80A max, and they’re rated for 100A constant (in theory) so I assumed they’d be OK. Maybe your pack is defective?

I was using a turnigy 8000mah 30c discharge pack, and it was pretty solid.

No experience with multistar, so I can’t really comment.

The lipos are underwhelmingly small. A 10ah multistar is much smaller than a 8ah zippy

Both 6s just different c rating

@cmatson so that one build you did with the faceted fiberglass box on one of my decks wasn’t one of these? I thought it was. Oh well.

Maybe it is defective though. They’re no longer on sale, so i can’t really justify buying another one, but i may try some zippys and see what happens. hmmm

right; it was a build for a friend, and I chose to go turnigy again after having a good experience with my old 5,000mah 25c discharge battery from my first board.

For the most part, C ratings don’t mean a thing because there isn’t much of a widely used standard for them. Manufacturers calculate C ratings differently, and they are usually over exaggerated. Take a look into the confusion this caused in the multirotor racing world.

blargh. As soon as i decide on a 10S BMS with integrated soft switch, i’m going 26650s from now on anyway. This was just an experiment for shits and giggles. The boxes i’m having made for my Scarlet decks will be able to hold repacked high amp hour lipos, 18650s, 26650s, or multiple zippy types, plus twin ESCs and BMS to boot. Plenty of room for whatever you want in there while still looking sleek and sexy.

If it’s a defect, it seems like it’s a common manufacturer issue. More likely, it’s what others are saying here, and have said many times before. The output on them is exaggerated. Considering it’s not even a high output to begin with, they feel extra weak. This seems to have been reported in multiple threads on this forum alone by different users, and also on other forums with these Multi star packs. Same company makes packs that aren’t as cheap and run better consistently. Right now it’s all just anecdotal opinion based evidence, I haven’t seen any official testing on them, but I would not be surprised if they are underpowered. They are cheaper then all of the other packs they make with similar/same ratings for a reason.

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I run four 3S 5.2Ah Multistars in series and have never run out of oomph after I set cutoff limits correctly. When riding, I cannot tell the difference from four 3S 5Ah Zippy’s except for the longer range I get from the Multistars.

I havent tested mine yet. But I have run zippy 5Ah 20C cells in the past. (Which is funny because at the time every ine was rubbish talking them as well) So by my understanding 10Ah 10C cells should be the same output. I’ll definitely report back.

Since we’re on the C-note, would there be any noticeable performance difference between running 45c vs. 20c versions of the same Zippy 5000mah 6s batteries, as an example?

if some how on a 6s set up you draw more then 75 amps yes other wise not really. the 45s can output 225A and the 20s 100 that extra amprage wont help you if you dont use anywhere near it.

I think when my new VESCs arrive i’m going to see how they behave with this pack vs the Favourites i’m currently running in there, just to rule out the ESCs as the weak link. ITs possible the issue is the ESCs, although i thought it was acting slow before i blew out my second Flier due to the aging lipo i had in there.

There are just so many variables in my set up to really determine this. I would need two identical builds to really experiment with this properly, which would involve me have identical decks, which i have, and identical boxes which i don’t have and would have to fabricate, then identical drive systems which i could have by splitting my twin 6355s on my scarlet prototype and having single 6355s on each of these test boards.

hopefully my friend will be able to fab these composite boxes i need soon, been waiting for months now to get started on them.

Maybe you just use the same board and just change the lipos? I would be glad to get the results :wink:

i’m worried that would involve skating around on uncovered lipos due to the fact that my current boxes are built specifically for a given battery pack, but i suppose that multistar 16Ah 6S is about as big as a 6S gets, so maybe i could just swap them out if i got another one with twice the C rating and half the capacity that was about the same size. That seems to be their thing. Huge capacity or huge discharge rate… I want both goddammit. lol


Probably less sag under load but I seriously doubt you’d be able to tell the difference in a blind test.