Are vescs in short supply in Uk

Please not i am a man of little patience , is there anywhere in the uk i can buy a 120 or 200 a vesc and get in 2 days, i have hit preorders and now im waiting a weekmon a 2 dsy delivery on ebay… are vescs 6 that gad to purchase?

Trampa sells vescs

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The man himself @trampa sell the only original VESC 6 probably not far from your home in the UK :joy:

Easiest is just to find you to sell an used one if you need one that fast

As always: In stock and ready to ship. 200A is the VESC 75/300 class. The VESC 6 plus is good for 80A and 100A if cooled properly. Today the office is empty: Mayday


Low and behold royal mail is showing the item as ready for delivery, now i wait with baited breath to see if it turns up, if i had more to spend id be dealing with trampa. Straight talking and it does what it says on the tin.