Are you in Canada and looking for an enclosure?

I just got to Vancouver with a bunch of enclosures, if you need one I could ship today.

I have these ready to ship it you could come to pick it up, I’ll be around Hastings until tomorrow

Landyachtz Evo Trampa Carver 12s universal Loaded Vanguard set Trampa HolyPro/HS11

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:wink: interested

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oh nice! I’m interested in the 12s universal enclosure of my switchblade 40. How much would it cost in CND? I could also do a pickup in person

Ok Great, here are the prices:

12S enclosure USD 80 Rubber gasket USD 20 Paypal fee 5.85% ($0 if you pay cash) Shipping to Canada USD 10 ($0 if you pick it up)

I sent you my address by pm.

I’m not aware of the exchange, I just leave to you, but I need usd

@johnnymeduse enclosure shipped


@threebysix hope you enjoy it!


No way! I do need an enclosure and I live in Vancouver. Do you have the 12S Vanguard V2? Just the battery one (this one ) I’ll be happy to meet you in person to get the enclosure

(and also, you chose the worst days ever to be in Vancouver, today was so crappy)

Hey man, I think I only have one Vanguard enclosure more but not 100% sure until tomorrow.

If so, you could pick it up tomorrow night at 8pm near Hastings

Sure, just let me know.

Dammit, just missed out. I would also be interested in Vanguard 12s but both battery and vesc enclosure :persevere::persevere:

Ok @louwii

I have one Vanguard set more, but you must pick it up today.

Let me know

Sent you a PM.

@louwii I’ll wait for you here before 10pm

I’m out of vanguard enclosures atm, I’ll make more next week but shipping will be from Lima Perú

Yeah I guess so. Gonna have to wait. :+1:

@Eboosted : 12s universal : dimension / photos / still available ? I’m in Montreal. :smiley:

Yes, I’ll have one 12S enclosure ready to ship by Monday from Lima, it’ll take about 2 weeks to get to you.

PM for details