Ares | 31'' BKB Tayto / Dual 6374 190kv / TB 218MM / ABEC 107MM / 12s4p Samsung 30q with Bestech BMS

Hi guys, this is my first post so I hope I’m doing it right. Anyways, I’ve been planning on my first build for quite some time now but just decided to finally go for it.

I plan to use this board as a daily commuter to my university and around town. After using the WowGo2s for about 6 months, I’ve decided that I need a smaller deck so that it’s easier to carry around campus. The area I live in has a bunch of hills, so torque is pretty important too.

So that’s what I’ve planned for now, what do you guys think ? Am I missing anything ? I’m also a bit torn between the FOCBOX unity and the Flipsky dual 6.6; The unity is a very new product so of course there is the risk in that but it is cheaper than the Flipsky, considering the additional items I will need to get if I went with Flipsky: antispark and bluetooth module.



-Contact @Alphamail for riptide bushings opinion -wait for better metal and new design from @dickyho. Also Alan’s Enclosure needs short mounts, tb mounts. If you get longer mounts, you’ll need to reverse mount them -how about maytech motors?


Unfortunately I’ve already ordered the mounts haha, will give it a shot first, fingers crossed! I ordered the shorter version of dickyho’s mounts, shouldn’t that fit ? Hmm I would get maytech, but I am trying to cut a bit of cost wherever I can :sweat_smile:

Shouldn’t cut on motor imo

You can save on wheels &remote

You can run 15mm belts with idler bearings if you get a longer bolt and put a normal bearing in between the 2 flanged ones. That’s what I did for my board. I also used 15T/40T pulleys but with a 300mm belt so the motor was all the way forward on the mount. 305mm will probably work too but be looser/motor will be farther back.

Hey @prev

If you havnt bought the wheels, motors and motor mounts I would be happy to sell mine to ya :slight_smile: They arent 6374s(theyre 6354s from flipsky)

But otherwise Ive got the 107mm evolve abecs as well as macmm88s janux mounts ^^

I will try to see if it’s possible, it’s just that the nice thing with the TB plan right now is the free shipping over $300 (I can only reach that amount with the trucks + motors) :laughing:

Ya, I guess that would work, thanks! Just checked out your build, looks awesome btw!

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How much would you be selling those mounts for ? :grin:

bought em for 145 + shipping, so 120 + shipping?

Ill attach pics :slight_smile: give me a minute 20181021_112945 20181021_112949 20181021_113003 20181021_112942 20181021_112939

I was taking my board apart and misplaced the other crossbar… I know its in my dorm somewhere :slight_smile:

edit: pics and pricing, I had it mixed up :slight_smile:

pictures 4 and 5 are the most damaged parts of the mount, and im positive that even 5 minutes of sloppy work(sandpaper etc) would look much better :sweat_smile:

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I will pass for now, but thanks for the offer tho! :grin:

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First part in, and they look awesome! 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181027172030085_COVER~2 Actually I didn’t know these ABEC wheels came in black hubs (since all pics I have see of it was in red/orange hubs but apparently this is a new version released by ABEC according to their fb page) so I was pleasantly surprised when I received them :kissing_closed_eyes:


Motor mounts, pulleys, belts, bearings, bushings and risers have arrived! IMG_20181102_171034


That board will be heavy with dual 6374s and a 12s. I guarantee that.

It is funny to see so many people getting their Tayto builds ready. I mean I am one of them at the moment, just waiting on the deck. Should be some fun projects to see come from this deck.

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Yeap, I’m sure it’s going to be heavy af xD TB now has an offer for their 6380 motors, so I might be getting those instead, so more weight :joy:oh wells

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I like the way you think!

I am now reconsidering my build on the Tayto. With all these new DD setups coming to the market has me second guessing this build. Since I really wanted this build to be a commuter build, and be more minimalistic, the DD setup might be the way to go. Anyway with the deck taking a minute to get to Jlabs it really isn’t that much of an issue to wait on this build. Winter is right around the corner and getting another deck to put my hardware on for my 6355 dual setup might be a better plan for me.

1 Like Do anyone had try this rubber tires? Looks very great, but no more reviews about it.

How much all the parts cost?

About $1480 :money_with_wings: