As New Enertion Space Cell Battery 10s3p for Sale $348USD $450AUS with Fast Charger

Jacobs review. Im sure he wont mind.

Enertion space cell with fast charger(1.5hr to 100%). Hardly used as spare battery. As New.

Includes, BMS rated at 60Amp with 40amp fuse. .LCD screen to displace battery % BMS Battery 10S3P Samsung Li-Ion NMC 270Wh base on 36V nominal voltage -.1.8kg 380mm x 140mm x 28mm Fast charger with plug 240v worth $129.00 AUS. Only used a few times.

Keep on riding while others end up running out of juice. Can get up to 25-30km on 1 charge.

Prefer pick up as in Melbourne or shipping by buyer. Could be issues sending overseas… Maybe possible by sea. Fast charger worth $129Aus/$100USD. New. Battery is $459Aus $341USD rate may vary with exchange.

You still looking to sell?

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Stll available

Still available.

I think the price is a little high. You can get the space cell pro with the enclosure and a nano x right now for 350 usd…

Does it come with a fast charger. Im open to offers for just battery. Assume old raptor battery still priced correctly. If anyone raptor owners wanted a spare I have one. At the end of the day I will only get what someone is willing to pay for it and what Im willing to sell it for. The cell is practically new.

Could sell cheaper without fast charger for example.

What would you want without the fast charger?

Make an offer. Ive indicated my price

Hi Dedbny, would be prepared to pay the 350 USD with both chargers if you can accept to ship to France for the same price.

Hi @jga had to revise listing. This didnt originally come with 2A charger. Only have fast charger. Pmd you.

If anyone else interested prefer local pick up Melbourne Australia.

Anyone intetestsd. Aus buyer preferred

Bump. Anyone interested in this Space Cell for their current build or as a spare for Raptor V1. Make a reasonable offer. PM me.

$200 shipped to USA

You do realise it costs $42.00 USD alone for postage not including packaging and associated costs. And thats just for battery as it weighs 1.8kg. Its $330 USD new not including shipping from Enertion.

Need a local buyer anyone.

Hey mate, from Adelaide. What would shipping cost? Would you do a deal for $350? And I would cover postage depending on total price. Cheers

Any offers. Aussie buyers?

There must be someone willing to make me a reasonable offer.

Well you can get a brand new spacecell pro 3 now for 300

That probably explains it. Thks might need to rethink what to do with it. Probably the only advantage over it is if a Raptor 1 owner needs one. Also comes with a fast charger as apposed to a 2A charger

Would you be willing to part with just the battery already have a charger I can offer 260$ and will cover shipping to Jersey