Assembling torqueboard's motor pulley

My motor came with a slot on the shaft, and a magnet that fits neatly into the slot, as well as two screws that I assume go into the end of the pulley(motor gear) to help affix it to the shaft. Is this correct? The magnet fits into the slot, but is slightly smaller than the slot so it can move toward the motor, or toward the end of the shaft, is this for pulley alignment? The pulley itself has a slot that allows it to fit over the magnet very tightly onto the shaft.

Sorry for newb questions, but I want to get this right.

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It’s a keyway slot. The little piece is a keyway. Correct that’s how you would install it. Your motor pulley should slip right into the motor shaft w/ the keyway easily if it doesn’t I’d sand part of the sides down that way it easily slides in and out.

Sliding left/right is okay since it will be locked in place by the motor pulley bolts. It should be exact though.

  1. Insert keyway on motor shaft. Make sure it’s seated properly.
  2. Fit motor pulley into motor shaft & keyway.
  3. Secure the bolts on the motor pulley.

Keyway prevents any rotational forces. Bolts on motor pulley prevent any horizontal forces.

Hub part of the motor pulley should be facing towards the outside or away from the center of the deck.