Assistance w/ VESC setup and values

Hey guys, it’s been a WHILE and I’ve been so far out of the loop with all this! I was wondering if anyone here could offer some input on setting up a new VESC. I lost my data and file logs (laptop took a dump) and can’t for the love of me remember (senior moment) what I had the following parameters set at.

The single unit, dual motor, 12S battery compatible VESC in question can handle 300A max current, 160A of continuous system current, and 80A of continuous motor current.

The hardware in question is as follows; 12S4P battery with Samsung 30Q cells, dual 6355 230kv (60A/3200W) sensored motors, 16/62 gearing, and 7” pneumatic wheels.

Primary intended use, just daily cruising. Not looking for anything aggressive, but don’t want to “castrate” the board either.

Using the VESC tool wizard, I currently have generic (default) values in place and everything runs, but I remember tweaking these inputs years ago to get a more refined ride and better throttle / brake characteristics. I know those now lost values and settings were somewhat a personal preference (they will naturally differ from yours), but I figured I’d see what some of you have done or would do in this or similar situation.

Before I start experimenting and perhaps find myself going down a rabbit hole, how would you guys go about setting up the following parameters?

General motor configuration…
Motor current max:
Motor current max brake:
Absolute max current:
Battery current max:
Battery current max regen:
Battery cutoff start:
Battery cutoff end:
EPRM limit start:

PPM app configuration…
Positive ramping time:
Negative ramping time:
Traction control:
TC mac EPRM difference:
Input dead band:
Throttle expo:
Throttle expo brake:
Throttle expo mode:

Thank you in advance to everyone who chime in with some advice and feedback. Your expertise and knowledge in this matter is always greatly appreciated!