AT hybrid style board build

For this board i wanted an hybrid AT style board that looked simular to an evolve performed better and dident break the bank.

Deck: For this build i used a bamboo maple deck from skateshred it has a bit of flex but not much. 0320192057

Enclosure: 3d printed useing great a design by @toughook

Drivetrain: Tb 218 trucks https:///collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks @Boardnamics 50mm motor mounts 5065 200kv motors 15 tooth motor pulley, 60 tooth vex wheel pulley 0318192036
Everything was eventually painted black.

Wheels: Ali express 6x2 wheel with a 3d printed a @TheImmortalJew vex pulley adapter with a 60t vex pulley. 0314192106.jpg…

Esc: X2 flipsky 4.12 vescs 0402192028

Battery: Built by me 10s4p flexible 30q battery pack:0329191229 0329191311 0329191316 0331192234 0329191315 0331192215a 0331191701 0401191900 0329191610 0331191655 0329191616 0331191756 0401191901a 0329191610b 0331191704 0401191901

Remote: flipsky vx1 0401191746

And finally some pics of the complete board minus my anti spark switch that hasn’t come yet so I’m using a Loop key for now! 0411191325_HDR 0411191325 0411191325b 0411191325a 0411191326 0411191326_HDR 0411191326a_HDR 0411190013_HDR


How is that remote treating you?

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Pretty good so far the feel is great and the control is smooth.

Nice build.

I’ve just fitted ones of those motors on a single motor street build, seller on aliexpress was doing it for £20 ($26) shipped - bargain

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Looks great, and thanks again for using my enclosure design. You’ve really proved my concept in a spectacular fashion. Can’t tell you how stoked i am that you spent the time and effort to print those parts out, especially since there are myriad other options out there.

I’ll sleep happy this evening :grin:


Don’t thank me thank yourself you did a great job with the design and thought it through really well.

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Really nice build. Do you get wheels bite?

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Nope non at all!

Cool I will have a similar setup and was wondering about it.

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With your new custom deck?

Well one of it. The at deck should be fine since is made for that. Although I would like to try AT wheels also on the BullyDeck but I was afraid of wheel bite. I should get it in the next 10 days finally.


Good job, @M.Hboards. Did you calculate the total cost of the build?

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I think it was around $800.


Update: I’ve been riding this board for a little over a week now and it’s been amazing! This was my first time useing pneumatics on a board and i absolutely love it to the point where i now go over bumps on purpose! I finally did a proper range test and i got an incredible 17.5 miles out of the board’s battery - going full throttle 90-95 percent of the time with no noticeable voltage sag until I hit my vesc’s low voltage cutoff! Below is a pic of the log from my range test ride. The reason it only shows 16.9 miles is because by mistake i dident have the tracker running for the first half a mile. Screenshot_2019-04-18-23-00-42~2

And another picture of the board in all it’s glory- 0417191704_HDR


This has gotta be one of the best affordable AT builds I’ve seen. What do you have your low voltage cut-off set to? And what temps did the battery get to during your range test ride?


My low voltage cut off is as follows-

Start- 34v

End- 31v

I dident check the temperature of the battery at the end of the ride but i do have the ability to as i have a Bluetooth bms on my battery that has 2 temp sensors that go into the pack but i don’t know how accurate it is. However i did feel the motors and like i expected they were a bit warm but not alarmingly hot.

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Cool. What do you have your motor and battery max/min currents set to?

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I believe i set both my motor and battery currents at 30,-25 i know it sounds weak but start up/ acceleration/ breaking is strong & super smooth and i never feel that I’m lacking power! I may raise my currents up to 60,-25 or -30 but currently I don’t see the need for it as there’s plenty of power!

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Just did another long ride and my battery temperature ranged from 90-98 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the ride but keep in mined it was 88 degrees outside and the temperature sensors are within the enclosure which is probably hot inside.


That’s really decent, thanks for the update.

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