At low RPM my hub motor stutters VESC

My scooter Hub motor will stutter and will not start rotating until I give it enough throttle. At the point where it started rotating, it rotates too fast and I accelerate forwards too fast. I’m not sure what causes this issue. I think that I may need to boost the current at the start? Is there a way to do that with the VESC software?

Help any is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you run the motor detection? Does motor have hall sensors?

Yes I ran the motor detection and no it does not have sensors

I am using a 10S1p battery and the hub motor is 250w.

The input is PPM current no reverse with brake.

Here is a link to screenshots of the current settings I’m using

what throttle you have? did you calibrate the throttle range?

Yes I did calibrate the throttle. That shouldn’t be a problem I think

can you load some pictures into the forum so we can see? What battery & motor current parameters are being used?

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can you see the Imgur link that I posted? it has a lot of pictures