Ate shit today and loop keys

yea for sure, i’ll come by maybe in a couple weeks, pretty busy this weekend. i wanted to pickup a couple things anyhow. i’ll let you know.

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… Removable hip and knee pads.

Lots of different styles and prices out there.

Maybe this too

To be serious, after having one nasty fall, helmet and front hand glove minimum. No watch (ouch!), and I’m considering one of those kevlared flannel shirts. Long sleeves anything helps.

Pics or it didn’t happen!

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This is a great point. Most of the times that my board has cut out under hard acceleration or big hills was due to voltage sag, and the BMS cutting off power for a few seconds. It’s a very hard cutoff. 30A to 0A was drastic. I can’t imagine a cutoff at 80A

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i was thinking about this while walking my dogs, and yes this seems more likely. a switch wouldn’t / shouldn’t cut the circuit, right?

per cell voltage was at about 3.25v, max sag i saw at 80amp draw across the pack was 0.5v per cell. bms lower cutoff is 2.9v, so 3.25-0.5 = 2.75v, below bms cutoff. so bms must have cutoff before the vesc had a chance to limit current draw, right?

so…there you go. lesson learned, don’t haul ass when pack is below 40%.

one benefit of getting fucked up is my girlfriend is surprisingly pleasant and isn’t being too judgmental about me getting drunk.

c’mon! it’s like five posts above.


You’re a lucky guy! My Lady Friend hates my guts lol

u mean your wife? or the one of many side hoes?

edit - this is incredibly misogynistic, pardon me it’s meant for comedic effect.

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wasnt too far south…heehee


fkn awesome…

The well dressed rider…

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Why are you cringing? :confused:

One them was squeezing my dangly bits


That’s uncalled for.

…I still liked it hahaha

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u whoore


Oooh, ouch! sucks air in thru pouted lips That’s gonna smart! :confused:

It links me to this post and I still can’t see… Maybe it’s because I’m on mobile. By the way, I use the armored Hoodie from revzilla. It looks like a regular zip up Hoodie but I haven’t been able to test it because my board hasn’t worked really since I bought it. The one time I used @akhlut motor and stuff. I was wearing no protection lol. It was the naked bike ride.

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That’s brave :slight_smile:

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Click on “Don’t look”