Atom Camper - EMTB - MBS - Dual FOCBOX - 10s12p

This being a work in progress, I’ll post updates as progress is made.

First off, I want to thank all members of the forum for support after I ended up donating the guts of my last board to an e-scooter. I especially want to thank @chris.hunt for his incredible generosity, as well as @mmaner and other anonymous members who helped me to both design this and purchase parts for it. I’ll find a way to repay you at some point (preferably when I can find time to go down to LA for a ride :smile:).

Anyways, on to the actual build. This will be a dual drive EMTB with 63mm motors on @Idea mounts, running a 10s12p battery. The ultimate goal is to be able to both ride in comfort up the hills of SF and go camping in areas with trails using a trailer that I’ve built for this purpose. I’ve ordered and received many of the parts, some are still on the way. Here’s the breakdown:

Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, etc. - Arrived 10s12p Battery - Arrived (needs to be wired still) 5A charger w/ waterproof charging port - Arrived Dual Focboxes - Arrived (from @Jreamer) Handle - Arrived Waterproof Focbox Case - Arrived Mini Remote - Arrived (from @JLabs) Misc. Items (Voltage meter, solder, xt60s, etc.) - Arrived Trailer Hitch - Arrived (From @Wanderer) Trailer - Built Focbox Heatsink - In progress (Will be ordered soon from @JLabs) Bluetooth Module - In progress (Will be ordered soon from @JLabs) Motor Pulleys (11T?) - In progress (from @mmaner) Wheel Pulleys - Will be 3D printed Motor Mounts for ATS Trucks - On the way (from @idea) Motors - In Progress (maybe @mmaner or @psychotiller)

Pictures so far:

Board: IMG_2145 IMG_2146

10s 5A waterproof charger & port: IMG_2151 IMG_2152

Various Items: IMG_2149

Trailer Hitch: IMG_2150

I’m also considering adding a step down to usb for phone charging… anyone see a reason why that would be a bad idea?

Any other questions or advice are welcome!

Shoutout to others that have contributed to the knowledge that allowed me to get here: @treenutter @Namasaki
@psychotiller @Maxid +many more

Also this thing needs a name… help?


Nice , naming wise let me take a crack ?

I’m getting Panda vibes from this almost with the White body and black bindings , maybe something relating to Pandas ?

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Where did you get that hitch?

hey man this looks awesome! i used a little usb down converter in my build so i could charge my phone and nano x off my lipos. it works great here’s the link:

It sits in parallel with the vesc 20180816_105316 20180816_105212


Thanks for the suggestion! Pandas… I’ll think about possible names along those lines

@Trdolan03 I got it from @Wanderer, I believe he built it for his own board and didn’t get around to using it.

@mynamesmatt thanks for the info! That’s exactly the process that I plan to use.


Looks like a pretty good start! My only concern is the 11t motor pulley. I’m thinking it’s a little small and will result in belt skipping.

*shameless plug, but I think some black bkb motors would look great off the rear :wink:


Maybe tensioners would help? I think the @Idea mounts have room

Yea those 6374s of yours are looking real good right about now… I’ll be getting the Bluetooth module and the dual focbox heatsink from you for sure

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Could you just confirm the mechanics of it? There is a ball joint that swivels left and right. Any fluctuation up and down? Would love to see your trailer once you get it done.

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The joint actually swivels vertically as well, and the trailer is already built and sitting in my garage. I’ll post pictures once it’s all hooked up

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Sweet. I want to do that on my next build.


Atom Bomber?

I like that trailer hitch. Gives me some ideas. I wanna see what you’re planning to tow with it.

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@JLabs Just ordered 2 of em, along with the heatsink plate and bluetooth module. I expect some extra stickers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’d name her Amanda. She’s almost saying come and ride me handsome…




Amanda Huggankiss? Are you sure “she” isn’t a “he”?

Spent the night organizing everything… should have plenty of wiring done at the end of tomorrow



Still making steady progress image


I’ve been doing some cable work: IMG_2194

Pretty proud of the charger portion… it’s a two pin waterproof port capable of the 5A I’ll be putting through it. It’s also impossible to plug in backwards - an added bonus. IMG_2195!IMG_2196

I’ve also taken the liberty of adding a standard laptop port to the end instead of direct connections, so that I can unplug and use another 10s charger if need be without issues: IMG_2197 IMG_2198 All hot glue is just a precaution, everything has been properly done and heat-shrunk as always

One more thing… I’ve been setting up the FOCBOX case and making sure all wires are put in the right place. Would anyone mind double checking this for me? I’ve never used dual drive, sensor motors, or FOCBOXs before and I am in no mood to make costly mistakes. IMG_2187IMG_2192IMG_2186IMG_2188IMG_2185

I’ll also need help setting up everything with VESC tool in dual drive (again, I have no idea how the master/slave settings work bc I’ve only ever used single drive), but that’ll come later. I’m sure @GrecoMan will welcome the opportunity to see me back in noob-land again :confused:


Looks good. I’m on my phone so can’t look very close but I didn’t see anything blatantly wrong.


lol always puts a smile on my face :grinning:

in vesc tool it’s super simple, it has options for what youre setting up and tbh, i’ve only setup dual over can one time in my life, been way too scared to touch the settings since