Atom Camper - EMTB - MBS - Dual FOCBOX - 10s12p

Cheap wheels - went totally bald after less than 100 miles of road usage and left me with a flat a mile from where we were stopping for food.

I might… just wanted to make sure nobody else here is selling some. Honestly after the whole VESC6 debacle I’m skeptical of buying from trampa. Might try for some Abec 107s too although that would mean having to get new adapters and pulleys. Either way I intend to show up to another ride ASAP

I hear you bro. 107s are cool but will never be like pneumatics! Just get some mbs tires. They’re cheap and will keep you in the road up until you have whatever other wheels/tires you want!!

I recall a set of Gummies up for sale but in Europe so it wouldn’t make too much sense cause of shipping I think.


@philvanzu was selling

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@Grozniy thanks for the info but shipping makes that less of a deal than I thought.

Anyways it looks on trampa’s website like it’s 40 pounds each for gummies with hubs?? @trampa is this right? If so I might be splurging on some new gear tonight…

if anyone else wants to chip in about the pricing that’d be appreciated too 41%20PM

Not as good looking but might be an option for someone (though not sure how much for u to get these to USA + orange color :confused: )

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That’s right. The Gummies are very expensive in production. On the other hand side they are very lasting.

Play around with the custom wheel builder and see if there isn’t the model you wan’t already configured, when I bought there was a price diference between them

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Well since I’m apparently now getting wheel hubs and Gummies for a decent price, I’m focusing on what color combination I want… leaning towards grey and blue


Hoyt St remote and Trampa Gummies should be here by Friday and Monday. Hopefully I can get everything tuned in quick and be out riding next week!




Trampa Gummies arrived today!!! They’re absolutely gorgeous. IMG_9611 IMG_3238

Wondering if I should be worried about this though? Lots of bubbles IMG_4689

Also me being my dumbass self I ordered the wrong size bearings… I’ve designed 3d printable spacers to solve the issue, wondering if I should trust pieces of plastic with all of that weight though? I just can’t justify spending another 30-40$ just to get the right bearings. Does anybody know a place where I can find 9.525-28mm bearings for a non-stupid-expensive price? 24%20PM

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Thank you sir! Bearings have been ordered… I didn’t really want to deal with 3d printed parts anyways

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My Gummies also have bubbles on the inside like that, maybe a bit less

Don’t know if should be that way but I don’t think it will make any difference


Wow, looks good.

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They are made from hand formulated PU and are hand poured. This is a very special material! Some air bubbles on the inside can’t be avoided. This is the area where the mould prevents the bubbles to flow further up. It’s only on the very surface and once mounted you will not see this anyway. Technically there is no issue. If we would want to strip out this optical issue, we would need to take standard urethane, which doesn’t perform half as good.


My school’s 3D printers could use some work. image image


Oh my god. Those are terrible. If you need someone, I can print them for you


I think I’m gonna buy some aluminum ones for durability at this point, thanks for the offer though.

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