ATSA - Now on Kickstater - Weather proof bag for Electric Skateboards

The ATSA skate backpack first showed up on the ESB forum a few months back, The creator of the bag @Tomasulu (Andrew) made a post about it where he spoke about some of the unique features & motivations for designing what he calls an EDC (everyday carry backpack)


The bag has been in development now for nearly two years, clearly the team at ATSA take design & user feedback very seriously! During this time they have been working closely with the community to refine & improve the bag to ensure it meets the needs of everyday esk8ers.

Here is what team ATSA have to say about their design.

The ATSA Everyday® Backpack is designed by Esk8 riders for Esk8 riders. We think you’ll agree that this is the most comfortable and high-end skateboard backpack ever. We designed the ATSA to be your Everyday Carry in any situation. It’s not just good looks. It has all the features you come to expect from premium backpacks, and more.


ATSA’s skateboard carry system will work with most skateboards out there. ATSA tested it with boards of different sizes, from regular, shortdeck and longboards to a wide range of electric boards. From a smaller Exway Wave, to midsize Boosted Boards, Evolve and Backfire, to heavy full-size boards such as Bioboards, Lacroix Prototipo and Kaly NYC 2.0.

One of the features we love is the selfie stick holder.

This unique concept will no doubt prove to be a superior way to film your rides as you can safely secure your 360 camera in an elevated vantage point ensuring you can film all the action without a hassle.


To learn more about the features & benefits of this backpack, or to back this project, head over to the kickstarter page.

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