Attaching enclosure without drilling all the way through the deck

I hope you wear a backpack every time you ride

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What type of screws would I need to go into those inserts?

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Sorry I didn’t saw that I post the imperial one, if it could be easier, these are using metric screw from M4 to M10 but I suggest to use the M4 Ones

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metric for the win


Thanks. I have to use the US Amazon though. I couldn’t find it in my app. I found this T-Nut 1/4"-20 x 5/16", (100 Pack), By Bolt Dropper, Pronged Tee Nut. For Rock Climbing Holds, Wood, Cabinetry, etc. I’m just bad at understanding the measurements. Like what size screw fits inside. I’ll do a Google search lol.

If you use T-nut you need to drill a hole through the board.

Edit: here is the link for


I rarely see links from here, I thought “hey cool !”. But then I tried to order, product will arrive between Feb 9th and March 2nd. No thanks :sweat_smile:

Back to the topic, I’m thinking of using insert nuts. I have one question though

  • Should the insert nuts always be inserted from the top of the board and go through it ? Or can I just drill from below and put the insert nut from there ? Do you recommend using any sort of wood glue or anything to make sure the inserts won’t move ?

jsut make sure that piece of tape sits rock solid on the drill, mine didnt and now i have a few holes in my deck XD

LHB prefers paint seems sensible, is it a holey pro now so?

You guys realized there are things called drill collars right? Lol these don’t come off like tape and ruin your work…



I just drill blind :woman_shrugging:


You can…with a depth collar… Thats my point lol

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its probably somewhere in my 10000 items tools shed … oh wait. i dont have a tool shed :frowning:

Should get one of those… I’ve spent thousands on tools just so I don’t have to pay someone else to do something…

Tools always resurface to use even if you only purchased them for that one project…


yeah but storage doesnt. i allready have a locker full of tools but sometimes you just wanna build stuff and if something is missing you just gotta improvise.

nah nah nah… I do it full ghetto. I just mark the spot to drill and hope I get the depth right :rofl:

never failed so far

I know…I was just really going the :blind: route

Just what I have been looking for. Cheaper than a drill press.

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i don’t have to remove a paint dot to use the bit for something else, a paint dot costs like a millionth of a cent, and a paint dot won’t rub the wood when if gets down to the line. I have bits with multiple dots on them in different colors, each one at a different depth for a different task.